Slick’s Christmas Eve Overreactions

Slick’s Christmas Eve Overreactions
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Well as you might have heard during your preparations for the Christmas Holiday, there were some NFL games. All of our AFC East teams played, two packed it in early for the holidays, one fought hard, one won.  Let’s do it.
In last place, the Dolphins.  Now, we all expected that Naked Jay would not be fully engaged on Christmas Eve, but this is more on the Coach.  Young Adam Gase looks like he might be going the way of Josh McDaniels and fail miserably in his first attempt as a Head Coach.  His talent evaluation skills leave much to be desired and it appears that his team has quit.  Face it, the Fins are a boring team that’s going nowhere.  Hopefully Tanny can bring back the optimism to South Florida…What?  Oh yeah, the game.  Something called Jakeem Grant was the leading receiver and the only one to score a touchdown.  The defense appears to have not pressured Alex Smith at all and the score wasn’t close.  One more week till golf season boys.
Next to last, the Jets.  The Jets blow (but not as bad as the Fins), they have played better than many predicted this year (not me, but many), but they still stink.  Especially since they are now forced to start Bryce Petty at QB, that’s just mean to the fans man.  *Update* Christian Hackenberg still cannot sniff the field and is no longer being considered as the next Jets’ QB of the Future.  It appears that Bilal Powell tried a little in this game and played fairly well (another in a long line of good players to have their careers killed in New Jersey).  What else?  Not much, this really appears to be a game of two teams that were just trying to get to Santa healthy.
And in second place this week, the Bills.  The Bills really beat the Pats, but the refs screwed them completely.  They had one touchdown overturned and had four points literally stolen from them.  Nevermind that the final score had a difference of 21 points, if the Bills got those four points, through a mathematical anomaly, they would have won the game.  Besides that, the Bills fought hard and played a very good game (minus Charles Clay just dropping a sure TD that would have ensured those 4 points were not in question).  Shady McCoy is a beast and if coach McD could stop clapping long enough to overrule his OC ono a couple of third or fourth and shorts, the Bills actually would have blown the Pats out.  But that’s likely because the Kraft family paid him to stay on the sideline on big plays.  But have no fear, the Bills can still break the streak, it just depends on who tries and who doesn’t try next week.
And we had a winner.
It was the Pats. Once again, the Pats used their mastery of the rulebook to their advantage and won another division game.  I mean, this game just highlights how good the Pats are.  They faced a division opponent, who was fighting for not only their playoffs lives, but all of the hopes and dreams of a region.  It took a little while for the Pats to bury the Bills, but in the end, they rout was on.  Tom Brady, with the exception of a Christmas gift pick 6, was pretty good, Rob Gronkowski showed that he might actually be the MVP of the league and the defense scraped and clawed their way to a decent looking performance.  As the playoffs loom, and the Pats can cinch up homefield advantage throughout (again) with victory against the Jets, let’s not overlook just how shitty Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler are at playing CB.  Entering the season, it was widely believed that the Pats had one of the best CB duos in the league.  Now, they may have the worst.  Gilmore at least got beat (badly) by a real. Live NFL WR (even if he was playing on one leg), but Butler got absolutely torched by a glorified practice squad guy.  So much for that big payday Malcolm.  I stand corrected and take back my rants about not just giving the hometown guy the extension.  He sucks.

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