Slick’s Some Week Overreactions

Slick’s Some Week Overreactions
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Hmmm…Some stuff has happened this week. Not all too eventful, but some folks handed out franchise tags but none here in our division. So I guess here’s the offseason title standings:
In last place, we still find the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have been sitting on their hands so far this offseason. We still don’t know what’s going to transpire with Tyrod and it looks like Gilmore is out the door. On the plus side, I just read a mock draft that has the Bills taking a QB in the top 10, and not just any QB, another Clemson guy…On the plus side for the Bills, coach McD says that Kyle Williams will be back and Lorenzo Alexander’s agent has decided that he’ll take a meeting with the team. The biggest win of the week for the Bills has to be that fact that the best HC the Bills have had since Marv expressed regret at the way he fled town in the middle of the night with a sack of the Pegula’s money.
In second to last place, the Pats. Once again it looks like the Pats are dismantling their team after winning the Super Bowl. Mr. Hightower is set to test the free agency waters where he is sure to get an offer from some dumb team that will offer him a contract that the Pats will in no way match. There’s also the fact that they are yet to lock up Malcolm Butler, who has made an average of $500K per year in his career. You can expect them to give him an RFA tender, then have some team that hates the Pats and needs a CB offer him a deal that the Pats won’t match. Man, this is the worst time to be a Pats fan…The only thing keeping the Pats out of last place is the impending trade of Jimmy G. And with the news coming out yesterday that they don’t intend on trading him, you can surely expect the Pats to be in last next week.
The Jet slipped out of the top spot this week with a lack of arrests. They did however announce the release of Mr. Revis. Is that story not the perfect summary of the Pats/ Jets rivalry? Jets draft a player who turns out to be great (and yes, I mean great as is in one of the best of all time at his position), said player gets upset with the Jets and forces his way out of town. One year later, that player signs with the Pats on a reasonable deal, wins the Super Bowl. Then said player returns to the Jets for a King’s Ransom, gets fat, checks out and his career is over. That’s what I’ve got. (that mock draft I mentioned earlier had the Jets taking Mahomes. Yup, get ready.)
And the Dolphins. The Fins have jumped out to an early lead in the race for the title. They let Kenny Stills walk, but the addition of a hugely average TE and an offensive lineman puts them in the lead by default (as the only team that’s really done anything). And mark my words, the Fins will probably be one of the aforementioned dumb teams that make Hightower a stupid offer (or Butler, because they are hot for a CB).

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