Slick’s Super Bowl Bye Week Overreactions

Slick’s Super Bowl Bye Week Overreactions
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Well here we are.  Just a few days away from the Super Bowl.  As usual, three of our teams are watching from home and one is playing for their 6th title.  There’s not been a lot of news this week, but let’s try…
Last place, Jets.  Chances that the Jets offer Kirk Cousins the entire population of a shithole nation in exchange for his services are about 100%.  Then they’ll draft another safety in the top 10.  Yup, the Jets still blow.
Second to last place, the Stable Dolphins.  Don’t count them out of the Cousins sweepstakes.
Third to last, Bills.  “Mr. Cousins, would you like to come to Buffalo?”  “Hello?  Hello?”  “We must just have a bad connection.”
And in first place, that team I mentioned that is still playing…The Pats.  As expected, the big media portion of Super Bowl week came and went without incident from the Pats (or the Eagles for that matter).  Tom’s hand seems fine, even if he’s still trying to play it up.  And it looks like Gronk’s noodle will be just fine come gametime.  This game is a big one for the Pats and their legacy, it seems like the last hurrah for both Matty P and Josh McDaniels.  Also Tom Brady is returning to the place where his mother was born, and he has yet to lose a game (once in college he destroyed Minnesota and twice with the Pats has he played the Vikes in Minny, both big wins).  I don’t really have much else…I’d love to see the Pats win comfortably, but I know that won’t happen.  So, one way or another, I fully expect to have years taken off my life.


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