Slick’s We Waited 17 Years for That?  Overreactions

Slick’s We Waited 17 Years for That?  Overreactions
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Wildcard weekend happened and for the second straight year, one of our AFC East Teams.  And once again, said team got smoked.  SO let’s get right to the rankings.


In last place, the Jets.  Yup, they still suck.  But hey, at least they’ve got a good line on another decent safety in the draft.  Next.
The Fins are in third place.  They still suck too.
Now to the team that played (still in the LOSER section).  The Bills finished the year in third to last in the division.  It was cute to see the Bills fans get all uppity last week, talking down to other fans of teams that did not make the playoffs.  Some predicting, in article form, that the Bills would win.  HAHAHAHAHAHA come on Bills fans, you didn’t really expect them to win, did you?  Now, the Jags might be the worst #3 seed in the history of the NFL playoffs, but the Bills needed the Ravens to lose to get into this weak playoff field.  OK, I guess I’ve avoided talking about the game for as long as possible…Probably because calling this a “game” is gross mischaracterization of what actually happened; In truth this was more of an abortion.  I’m still trying to wash my eyes from what I saw (and I’ll admit, I didn’t even watch the whole thing).  Let’s see, the Bills held Blake Bortles to only 87 yards passing, but they allowed him to rush for 88.  Tyrod was not good, Shady was hurt.  Then Tyrod bounced his head off the turf and the game was over.  I hope no one is making any fuss about the final interception not being overturned.  I think the best thing to come out of Sunday, was when Hooded came here after the game with this gem: “Two QBs threw INTs in this game.  None of them were Blake Bortles.”  Now you have to lie with that for the spring and summer


On to the winner.
The Pats didn’t play, and yet they won.  There was one team in the AFC playoff field that struck fear in my heart as a Pats fan.  That team was the Chiefs.  But the Chiefs choked (as Andy Reid teams do) and the Pats now have the possibility of winning a Super Bowl by going through the QB gauntlet of Marcus Mariota, Blake Bortles and Nick Foles.  So if this is the end of the BB/TB era (I’m actually starting to think that BB getting traded is realer than anyone thought previously).
It’s good to be the kings.

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