Speaking of Which: Training Camp Edition

Speaking of Which: Training Camp Edition
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Training camps are moving into their last week.  While the preseason itself will carry on for a few more weeks, your local football franchise will be moving to their home facility shortly, where more game planning and less roster shuffling will presumably happen.  Of course, roster shuffling generally continues, in different degrees, all year.  Talent evaluation and placement is invariably unending.  Speaking of which…


The Browns have real depth at linebacker this season, and this may lead to a trade, especially if they continue to be underwhelmed by their receiving corp.  The return of troubled wideout Josh Gordon should help, but in the event Gordon isn’t ready to contribute, the Browns should be considering all options.  Speaking of which…


The Bengals are placing a lot of their hopes on rookie safety Jessie Bates, who will replace recently-cut George Iloka in their defensive backfield.  Bates is showing real maturity and, by all reports, simply has the natural instincts to step in and contribute immediately as a rookie.  As Iloka appeared underwhelming last season, the Bengals have little to lose by gambling on Bates’ talents, regardless of his youth.  Speaking of which…


Ravens rookie right tackle Orlando Brown Jr. appears to be earning a starting position by, of all things, dedication and hard work.  Brown was one of the draft combine’s biggest disappointments, and while it was undoubtedly discouraging for him to perform as poorly as he did, it’s telling that he’s doing his best to redeem himself in the eyes of his teammates, coaches, and organization.  Speaking of which…


The Steelers extended kicker Chris Boswell for five seasons, giving them continued stability at the game’s most important special teams position.  Boswell is in the upper echelon of the league’s kickers, and it would have made little sense to allow a reliable option, especially one that can handle the swirling winds of Heinz Field, to reach free agency.


The season will be here soon enough.  Deal with it.


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