Speaking of which, Easter edition

Speaking of which, Easter edition
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Cheers from the offseason.


In anticipation of the Easter holiday of sorts, we’re no doubt looking forward to spending some time with friends and family this weekend.  That often involves mass amounts of food and sporting events, which this time of year of replete with, and might eventually include football, as the NFL is considering instituting a “developmental league”, which would include lower-level prospects and rebounding veterans.  Speaking of which…


  • The Ravens claim it’s “critically important” for quarterback Joe Flacco to develop chemistry with his new receivers.  No offense, Joe (take that in whatever context you wish), but this may be among the most obvious statements ever uttered.  It’d be nice to see Flacco actually work extensively during the offseason for a change, unless another injury arises.  Speaking of which…


  • Steelers’ linebacker Ryan Shazier needs to be replaced, and while newly-signed Jon Bostic isn’t in line for it, he may keep the seat warm for whoever it may be.  The expectation is an early draft pick will be used for this, so the Steelers had better make sure they get it right.  Speaking of which…


  • The hand-wringing and consternation continues in Cleveland over their first two selections, with head coach Hue Jackson strongly focused on what to do with the #4 pick.  This is assuming, of course, that the Browns have decided their direction with the #1 pick.  And the drama carries on.  Speaking of which…


  • The Bengals have a wealth of options to consider in the draft, and here’s a positional breakdown of their biggest needs.  Since most of them appear to be along the offensive line, it’s probably safe to assume that they’ll lean that direction by day 2 at the least.


Have a happy and safe weekend, all!




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