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Special Report- Taiwanese News Sports Agency

Special Report- Taiwanese News Sports Agency
Luciano 11
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The Spoiled Society
vs. an outdoor Superbowl

Let me start by saying that English is my second language. I learned how to communicate in this manner at the age of 13. Why does that matter? When you are born automatically learning and speaking a particular language, you don’t analyze some of the words the same way as my warped mind does. When I decided to write this article, I chose “The Spoiled Society” as the title, I also thought, why use the word spoiled to say, “pampered”? I actually thought of changing it but, no, it fits. This Super Bowl really shows how “spoiled” as in rotten, ruined, gone bad society we have become for real.

If I read one more article about the likely weather for the Superbowl, I think I’m going to scream so loud they will hear me from Illinois to New York. Are you kidding me? Have we become crybabies about everything? I would say yes, we no longer make the best of something; accept it for what it is, or even “hope for the best”. Instead we complain, attack, and wish for the worse. Why is that?

1.    Its not our City/Stadium, so let’s create havoc, negative news, and hope for disaster
2.    The media has taught us that “negative” sells much more so than “positive”
3.    My team is not playing in it, so I hope this is a disaster, as if somehow this makes it ok that my team sucks just enough to not make it.
4.    Manning is a threat to become known as better than my QB, bad weather will make him look bad

I could go on and on with reasons, and you all know that most of you fit into one of these categories.  My team is not in it; my city is not the host (I have never lived in NYC). This stadium is home to my team, yes, but who cares? They are not playing in it. I’m a positive thinker and detest negative vibes and thoughts; that is the reason I was inspired to put these thoughts on paper. Instead of falling for the rush to negativity these are my thoughts:
1.    I hope this is a great game, one that can be ranked right up there with Giants upsetting the Pats in 2007. That game that ended the” almost perfect” season.
2.    The weather will become a story, but hopefully none of the protagonist use it as an excuse. Both teams play in the same conditions, with the same opportunities to perform and win. Don’t be Marty Brodeur and cry after you lose.
3.    This is so successful that Chicago, Seattle, Denver and Boston also consider hosting this event.

New York/New Jersey border is easily one of the most unique sites, not because of the weather conditions, but because of:

1.    Two states are hosting it together
2.    One state has the Stadium and facilities for the team’s use, the other doesn’t
3.    One state has the media capitol of the world, the other does not
4.    New York City has all the hotels and attractions necessary to host families, singles, couples, or simply businessman
5.    Met Life is easily one of the two most advanced stadiums in America today, making this a perfect place to play the most important game of the year.

My Pick:

The weather will be ideal for Mr. Manning, low 30s or high 20s. Wind will not be a factor, some light flurries would be a perfect backdrop, but I doubt that too.

This the best offense facing the best defense, the best two teams going head to head. The game will be a huge success setting the stage for another colder weather city to want to host it.

Watching Manning against both the Chargers and the Pats, one thing was clear to me, his arm strength this late in the season has diminished. He threw several passes that looked like lobs to centerfield, just over the shortstop’s head. The Patriots were not able to take advantage of that, Seattle will.

The Seahawks defense will keep this game down to low scoring, and frustrate Manning often. Offensively Seattle will run and run, allowing Wilson to not make mistakes.


Seattle over  Denver  24-22

TNSA Special Report 1/29/2014



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