SR Bloggers Super Bowl Predictions


SR Bloggers Super Bowl Predictions
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The Sideline Report Super Bowl Predictions

Ok….before we start really quickly everyone go down to the comments and get your final deflategate jokes out of the way. I’ll wait…..

…Got that out of your system now? Ok good.

This may have been the strangest build to a Super Bowl ever, but definitely in recent memory. You have the reigning NFL champion Seahawks (the same Seahawks who have had to expand the bandwagon exponentially since February 2, 2014) and their loud mouth Legion of Boom against the New England We-can’t-win-a-championship-without-stirring-up-some-controversy Patriots. Here’s how weird the lead up has been: Richard Sherman has been doing his damnedest to get all the attention put onto him, but he’s been out done by some deflated balls, Bill Belichick spouting some physics, and his own teammate who said no more than 45 words over two press events.

It’s the second time in two years that the top 2 seeded teams are meeting in the Super Bowl. That’s already amazing unto itself as this rarely happens in this era of the Wild Card. Just like last year we’re pitting a high flying and unique offense against a dominating defense. Seattle proved defense* wins championships last year (*Peyton Manning choking also helps). New England is out to right the wrongs of two Giant let downs (see what I did there?). Now that the NFL analysts have had their way picking apart the Patriots ball handlers, and Marshawn Lynch’s ability to say, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” and still found a way to get fined anyway it’s time to get down to it.

Who is going to win this game?

We all know who we are around here. We all know there are some people we absolutely despise, we all have that invader from the other blog that is really pretty cool but we have to put up a tough face and tell them to F*&% their team…But what we all have in common regardless of our love for a slew of cheaters, circus acts, despondent losers, former champs, front office blunderers, coaching nightmares, and hatred for the NFL’s Dark Lord of the Sith…We love football and we think we know how this is going to shake down.

I’ll start with mine because…well…it’s my article and I can. I’ve been going back and forth between who I think will win this game and for a while I’ve been dreaming the Patriots win so Brady and Belichick will GO AWAY AND LEAVE THE EAST ALONE. I’ve come down from that lofty goal because I’ve come to the conclusion that they’ll never leave. They’re like herpes. They are the herpes of the AFCE.

As a Bills fan I know all to well what a smothering defense is capable of when it comes to a high power offense and I feel like this is going to come down to the same issue as both the Super Bowls the Pats had against the Giants: they’re going to make the Patriots offense one dimensional and force Brady to win it with his arm which he can’t do with the weapons available. It’s going to be close but I’m saying:


 Seattle 27 Patriots 24

To be different than most of those who predict the Seahawks winning, I’ll pick Kam Chancellor as MVP. For some reason I feel like Lynch might get himself bogged down against the Pats defense. Just a hunch that is supported by no evidence whatsoever.

I asked for your predictions, MVP prediction and a quick blurb. So now without further ado, here are the Sideline Report Blog’s user predictions in no particular order:

Seattle-Patriots = 34-20

Seattle: Defense is much better, and can stop the Patriots’ run; simply because the Pats are no longer a big play offense. The Pats now score on laboring drives, they will suffer against this Defense. Seattle Offense is very much a modern day Ground & Pound. Lynch will keep them on the field, as will Wilson’s runs. Patriots defensive strength is against the pass, not the run, and Seattle’s strength is the run. This is a bad matchup for the Pats.

MVP:  Lynch


Seattle 26 NE 13

Since The Pats  most likely wont cheat this weekend, they must go out and win the game on their own…..which they obviously don’t think they can do, so why should I.  (Most likely being the key phrase….serial cheaters have a loose screw, so they may have something up their sleeves….literally.)

MVP – Marshawn Lynch


Seattle 27 – NE 17

Marshawn goes Beast Mode all over the Pats D. Sherman and the Seattle D have no problem diagnosing Brady’s secrets to success: the 5 yard out route and quick slant.

MVP Marshawn Lynch.


NE 34 Sea. 24

NE has a better kicker, Brady’s short passes and fast pace will keep Sea. backing up.

Revis will not allow big plays. His last chance for a title.


Patriots 31, Seahawks 26

Although the Seahawks are known for the secondary, Brady will find a way to carve them up more than most expect. Wilson will do his best to keep up, but even with Beast Mode’s 120 yards, it won’t be enough.

MVP: Tom Brady 28 of 45 326 yards 3 TDs and 1 INT


Pats 42 Seahawks 17

Brady wins MVP throwing 4tds to Gronk(2),Edelman & Vereen. Blount runs for 90yds & 2tds


Seahawks 28-17.

Game will be close until the 3rd quarter, after  which point the Seattle D becomes too much and Russell “Not Black Enough Jesus” Wilson will get hot.  With properly-inflated balls, New Engalnd has 3 turnovers to the Seahawks 1

MVP – Not listed

@CJ is 7and5inthePegulaEra

New England 23, Seattle 20.

Yet another New England Super Bowl victory won by a kicker’s leg and not Tom Brady’s arm.

MVP- Stephen Gostkowski!


Patriots 27 Seahawks 20

Patriots hold Seattle to a couple of field goals in the red zone makes the difference

MVP- Brady


Patriots 26 – Seahawks 21

Patriots are able to overcome a very slow offensive start while the Patriots Defense holds off a Seattle late game drive and is able to limit the Seahawks to 7 second half points.

MVP:  LB Jamie Collins


Seahawks -21 Patriots -19 (these are negative scores FYI)

Pats get -19 Due to deflate gate, Seahawks -21 for Sherman

MVP- Not listed

@In Ozzie we TRUST

Sea- 27 NE- 24

Blurb and MVP- Not listed

@the hooded genius

NE- 34 SEA- 19

I expect the Patriots to run for about 100 yards and to have a lot of success passing over the middle. Tim Wright could have a big game against Seattle’s zone defense. Beast Mode will have a solid game for the Seahawks but they’ll struggle in the red zone.

MVP- Brady mostly because it’ll be a team win where no one stands out far enough to outshine the QB.


Patriots 27, Seahawks 17

Not playing a quality offense the second half of the season comes back to haunt the Seahawks defense as their injured star DBs struggle to stay with the shifty Patriots WRs or stop the indomitable Gronk. Belichick will game plan to take away the Seahawks greatest strength in legs of Wilson and Lynch and the Seahawks WRs just can’t match up with the improved and physical Patriots secondary.

Super Bowl MVP: Julian Edelman, 12 catches, 142 yards

Edelman has a Deion Branch performance moving the chains and setting up Gronk spikes all night long.


Pats 28 Sea 24

I think its a close game – I think both qbs struggle – both sets of wrs struggle – blount will stink  – lynch will have a good day and 1 AMAZING run – game is won on kicking imo  – both teams have incredible kickers

MVP- The Kicker


Pats 27 Seattle 20.

MVP Kyle Arrington 2 picks 1 brought back for a td


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