SR Dynasty League Rankings


SR Dynasty League Rankings
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A lot has changed in the fantasy landscape since the first TSR dynasty rankings were published August 7th. After winning the offseason championship, Nik would like a re-draft, as the top half of his team has been slaughtered by injury. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 2:
#10 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage (down 3 spots)

Dare I say this is the weak link in the group? Was that bad? Yea that was kind of bad. You would never expect a team with Calvin Johnson, LeSean McCoy and Jimmy Graham to be ranked last in its league, but this isn’t your regular old fantasy league. This who’s who of fantasy players looks like it may be past its prime, but just as easily could be ready for a comeback. Archer is up on the schedule.
#9 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo (down 3 spots)

How the mighty have retreated. Let’s just list this out: Nik’s team is now missing, Arian Foster, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordy Nelson and Desean Jackson. You’ve got to feel for the guy a little, he’s been frantically scouring WebMD trying to figure out how quickly deer antler spray can work its magic on his guys. If not for Danny Woodhead (huh?), Nik would not have seen north of 100 points this week. Up next, CJ.
#8 – CJ&CJ Atty’s at Ball aka EJ (down 7 spots)

Rough and frustrating week for CJ’s? EJ’s? CK’s? squad. I dunno. Half the team exceeded expectations and the other half didn’t show up for the games. CJ Anderson and Sammy Watkins combined for 10.6 points. That’s not going to work, any week of the season. To top it all off he got to face Luciano’s wrecking ball of a team in week 1. He’ll look to bounce back this week against our resident Doctor’s team, Nik.
#7 – Manning Face aka Archer (up 2 spots)

Rough week for the majority of Archer’s receivers not named Emmanuel. The more I view his team the more it looks built for a great future, but a growing pain type of season this year. It’s not every week that Andrew Luck will play the Buffalo Bills though and his production is sure to increase greatly. Up this week, Mr. Link, who hopefully is still playing.
#6 – Its Deztiny aka Gene Hackman (down 4 spots)

Rough week for Mr. Iyced as his #1 overall pick Dez Bryant was lost for what will likely be the majority of the season. Good news for him, it’s a dynasty league and Dez will be back beasting for several more years. He still came away with a win for the week and Forte looks like he is going to be just as dominant a focal point as he was last year. Up this week, FinFan, where he faces an uphill battle.
#5 – Belichick Yo’self aka Nossorc (up 3 spots)

Solid week for the hometown squad, even if it resulted in a loss. Jarvis Landry and Tom Brady had big games and Le’Veon Bell’s return after week 2 will be a welcome sight as the running back situation could us a little help. I’ll have the pleasure of beating up my New England buddy this week, SlickMan, while simultaneously rooting for Gronk.
#4 – Tuck a Buck Express aka Slick (up 6 spots)

Our biggest mover of the week is the Slickman, up 6 spots from his super mean 10th ranking a month ago, the man of the hour was Gronk. If I’ve learned anything the last few years, if you have a healthy Gronk on your team, you are looking good for a long fantasy playoff run. Kendall Wright was a nice surprise as well as Mariota came in looking like a pro-ready QB. Up this week, moi.
#3 – Suh Happy aka FinFan (up 2 spots)

I got the pleasure of facing off against FinFan this week and despite my solid performance, came away with a loss as he got help from unexpected sources. Jordan Matthews and Keenan Allen went off with huge performances, as Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning had entirely lackluster performances. Up this week, Iyceman
#2 – Pimpin Ain’t Easley aka Hooded (up 1 spot)

Hooded didn’t score the 2nd most amount of points the week, however what he has on his bench is what makes this team scary. Todd Gurley will be suiting up in a short-time for the Easley’s and should provide a huge boost. That bench is ready for potential injury and weather the storm. The week will be the clash of the titans, if you will, as the two current juggernauts face-off. Luciano vs. Easley.
#1 – ThumbCrushers aka Luciano (up 4 spots)

This is a great team that out performed as expectations week 1. Antonio Brown and Alshon Jeffrey are who we thought they’d be, absolute beasts. Even new New York Jet Brandon Marshall had himself a week with a questionable QB situation dealt to him. As mentioned before, he now matches up with the defending champ Hooded in a highly contested matchup.


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