SR Fantasy Dynasty League Update

Luciano 11

SR Fantasy Dynasty League Update
Luciano 11
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The final game of our first Dynasty Fantasy League ended last night. The next two weeks will dictate the Champion, and Rookie Draft order. Let me give you a quick recap, and playoff preview.
Pimpin’ Ain’t Easley (the hooded genius) finished strong with an 8 game winning streak and in first place. Pimpin also led the league in scoring at 2079.84.
Its Deztiny (GeneHackman) with his 3rd win in a row climbed to second place.
DireWolves (Luciano11) led most of the year, but finished on a 4 game losing streak, and remained in the playoff picture in third place.
Down With ODB (Nikvoodoo) with two straight wins, leaped frogged over numerous spots and on the final night of the week, made the playoffs at #4.
Belichick Yo’self (nossorc) followed my lead and lost 3 straight, unfortunately for him the playoffs are only a mirage, as he slipped into Purgatory, where you are one of two teams that are totally done for the year.
Tuck A Buck Express (SlickVinny) finished the year as the third highest scoring team, but at 7-7 and 6th place, he joins Belichick in Purgatory.
Keenan & Kielce (finfan5357) had an up and down season, but finished strong and at 7-7 in 7th place. His team becomes the first to play in the Consolation Game for the Draft Order.
Manning Face (ArcherNoles1863) TANKED on purpose in the final game, losing two straight he dropped into the Consolation Round. Finished 6-8 and in 8th place.
Home Run Darby (Linkage4890) played spoiler for many of us in the last few weeks. Finished in 9th at 4-10 and as the lowest scoring team in the league at 1678.70
Tank for Hank (Fire Rex and bring back Schwartz) Ranked as the Pre-Season #1, this team has tanked ever since that day, finished in last place, with by far the most points scored against 2071.06


Playoffs – Championship Round
Semifinal 1

#1 Pimpin’ Ain’t Easley vs. #4 Down With ODB

Pimpin is riding a good moment, will be hard to beat. Injuries to Dalton and Hoyer could hurt three of his main players, Hopkins, Eifert and Green. I think that the #1 team gets to play the toughest team left in the playoffs. ODB has a lot of players and is scoring. This will be a much closer contest than originally anticipated. I expect Pimpin to pull it off and win.

Semifinal 2

#2 Its Deztiny vs. #3 DireWolves

Destiny has been claiming he will win the championship all year, and he is in position to back those words up. He plays a team that has been losing regularly for 4 weeks, my team. This game is a toss up, I want to crush my Jets fan counterpart, but I’m afraid my team did all it could early on, he will face Pimpin in the final.
Playoffs – Consolation Round

#7 Keenan & Kielce  vs. #10 Tank for Hank 

#8 Manning Face vs. #9 Home Run Darby 


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