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Star of the AFCE

Star of the AFCE
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The Star of the AFCE

With Fantasy drafts right around the corner and plenty of players in the AFCE that are draftworthy in fantasy football leagues of all formats – I’d like to break down who the best players available are.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [dropcap]Stevan Ridley[/dropcap]

Lets start with the Pats – Stevan Ridley is THE best fantasy option on the team. Some would say why not take Brady. Simple – Brady will be a top qb to go and Ridley has a chance to fall because he is undervalued (especially in PPR leagues even though he finished within the top 10 rbs in that format as well). With the best Offensive Line in the league there is little downside here. Even with the addition of Blount, Ridley is getting the goal line looks. He lacks elite speed but he is very very reliable. Additionally with Shane Vareen playing all over the field I don’t expect him to get as many touches as a Running Back. He will however likely be the 3rd down back as Ridley barely caught passes last season. Additionally I like Amendola but that’s high risk high reward.

The obvious player here is CJ Spiller. There is no question and I don’t have to explain this. Fredex is older and injury prone and Marrone wants to feed Spiller the ball. If EJ starts, it will be even harder for teams to plan to defend the run, as both can hurt you. If Kolb starts CJ gets EVEN more touches. If Spiller stays healthy not only will he be a PPR machine but he could rack up close to 250-300 touches. Health remains a factor as nobody knows if he can sustain the workload.[dropcap]..Keller injury[/dropcap]

Due to the recent tragic injury of Dustin Keller, Brian Hartlines stock has once again shot through the roof. With Mike Wallace as the deep threat Hartline should be eating the underneath targets as the fins slot receivers are both hurt. With no safety net TE look for Hartline to step right into that role. Hartline has the chance to eat up 80 catches. Regardless of the production that comes with it 80 catches in a PPR format is very nice value for where you can draft him. If you are not in a PPR league then go with Tannenhill. I would like to say Miller over this pick but if he is truly sharing time with Thomas I don’t see how I can give him the nod.
The Amendola type pick here is Ivory however, Im going for best pick. Jeremy Kerley has the most upside of any Jets receiver. Without Holmes, Kerley should look to be the #1 option in the passing game. Kerley, surprisingly excelled in YAC last year with 14. Something, (at least Im pretty sure this was the number but there is a chance I’m getting this mixed up with Garcon). Anyway Kerley is a solid pick with Sanchez there and if Geno plays and is accurate his stock can go up. There is not much talent in terms of fantasy football here but with Kerleys big play potential and the fact he returns kicks he can be an absolute steal in the later rounds.

Written by Dan


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