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The State of The Miami Dolphins Fan

The State of The Miami Dolphins Fan
S/R Staff
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State of Mind of Miami Dolphins Fan

by Carlos Calle


Center of Attention

Here we are weeks away from training camp and the circus is in FULL affect! It seems like Miami PR department can’t catch a break. So the latest news shouldn’t come to any surprise involving the Pouncey brothers, with BAD timing on tweets, involvement with Richie Incognito in the whole Wells report, and now, an alleged fight in a Miami night club.

So where do I begin…for starters, we all can agree to disagree that Mike Pouncey is the best player on the team followed by Brandon Fields (no “punt” intended), and being that he’s the best player on the team, the tolerance level is higher than it would be for a player who’s on the special teams or on the bottom of the roster. Now, I am here to say that in no shape or form do I agree with the bullying, free Hernandez cap and dumb @** tweets. Dolphin fans deserve better, and frankly want better than what’s on the field.

And so now, with week 1 in sight, we’re forced to dwell on nonsense and seek yet another offensive lineman. This has to be the longest period one professional team is taking to build a decent o-line. Forget being the best – how about mid-range? – group that can pass and run block. Can anyone truly say what the identity of the o-line is? For those that don’t know, this has been a work in progress since Parcells, Sparano and Ireland landed in Davie. Whether it’s the hip surgery or NFL coming down with suspension, Pouncey will be missing in action. Not having Mike at center once again begs the questions: how truly can we gauge Tannehill and how much of a difference will Lazor make on play calling?

What we can possibly expect come training camp and who will step in to take charge on the o-line we will soon find out. And to get a complete scope on the o-line starting on July 25th, here are a few storylines everyone should be looking for:

  • The evolution of the offensive line under Lazor’s offense

o   Blocking schemes

  • Zone
  • Gaps
  • Man to man
  • Timing with Tannehill (being in sync is KEY to this offense)
  • Depth
  • Rookies from last years’ draft and this years’ draft to compete for starting spots

o   Dallas Thomas

o   Billy Turner

o   Ja’Wuan James

With the media fixated on Tannehill, LBers and everyone else, I will be keeping close eye and score on the front line. Hoping to get better effort and resolve from a group who is and WILL BE the Achilles heel of the team. Only time will tell and for God’s sake, can someone please get the circus out of Davie!


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