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State of the NY Jets after week 8

State of the NY Jets after week 8
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 NY Jets week 8

So, we started the weekend on a happy note……we where going to beat the Bills……LOL, we did not…When a team gives up 7 turnovers (Gifts in my book), that team doesn’t deserve to win….period!!!

This weekend will be remembered as the week that killed a lot of people: Rex, Geno, & Vick. I really believe that this week has convinced Mr. Johnson that his love affair with Rex is over. Forget what Idzik thinks, Woody is the one that decides, and for Idizik to save his job, he better shut up and step side.

The Bills came out to play, the Jets did not, and that was evident from the very first few minutes…as a result, the Bills totally deserved the win.

I am  not one that likes to bench a young QB, but in this case? Frankly they waited one series too many. I’m done with Geno, and I doubt he ever starts another game for the Jets unless Vick is injured….bring on Simms!!!!!  I’m glad we waited 8 weeks to find out, because either way this team wasn’t going anywhere, but now we must move on from Geno!

The Bills owned us from minute one, and I applaud the faithful that stayed behind and rooted and screamed during the game.

The game recap? Not much to say other than the Bills played disciplined football (except for Watkins’ bonehead early celebration), the Jets did not. What else is there to say? When a team gives the other 7 turnovers, I believe all in the Jets half, there is no game.

Papers this morning are calling for Rex to get fired now, but how does that make sense? Rex’s days in NY are done, but we should wait until the end of the season.

Lets hire a new GM, a football minded one, not a CAP specialist; thank you Idizk for cleaning up the CAP mess, but your are done too. Bring in a HC that can have the team play exciting football, I wish for someone I watched since HS football, Gus Malzahn. Draft a QB and sign a veteran (a Hoyer type).

………….another day in the life of a Jets fan


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