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Sunday Playoffs and Links

Sunday Playoffs and Links
Luciano 11
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Today’s games


Bengals have a lot of pressure in this game, they are riding a playoff losing steak. With the amount of talent on this team that is simply not acceptable; and I am sure they want nothing more than to eliminate that negative stat. Bengals had the division won for weeks, but just could not keep up with the surging Steelers, as a result they do not get to host a home game. Traveling to Indianapolis will be difficult. The crowd will be in  it from the start, and they will do all they can to bring back memories of the Maning days, when losing at home in the post season was not the norm. The Colts have been up and down all year, hard to imagine what to expect. Andrew Luck has been great and crappy depending on the opponent. But this is a home game, and the Bengals are without AJ Green and must have a shattered confidence. Colts win this one


The Lions have reached their goal and made the playoffs. Good season, especially when you consider that they played a good portion of it without Megatron. This team without its star is not the same team. The Cowboys have defeated their December woes of the past and won the division convincingly. The 100K+ fans in Dallas will be wild, this has been in the waiting for a while. Dallas made it here by riding on Murray’s shoulders, and I think they need to continue that trend.

Lions vs. Cowboys? The Lions will be tamed, Cowboys win.


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