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Round 1 Recap


Sammy+Watkins+Discover+Orange+Bowl+West+Virginia+QSTEIUf11vklBuffalo Bills:

The Bills shocked everyone, including their fans trading up from 9 to 4. It was euphoric when they selected Sammy Watkins, by far the best WR in the draft. Not being a Bills fan, I started to read between the lines immediately, what?

To move up 5 spots, the Bills gave away their savings account. Next year’s #1 was not necessary to do. The Browns would have gladly accepted this year’s #2. To make matters worst, they added a #4.

Watkins is special, and picking him is an A+ move, the trade itself is a straight F

Stevie’s days in Buffalo are over, and to get an upgrade the Bills paid a ransom



Calvin-PryorNew York Jets:

I really like Calvin Pryor, never thought he would available at 18. The kid has it all, he can play the run and hit you like a truck, yet defend the deep balls and hog the football. Jets have not had a FS in years, and it was very obvious last season that once Reed learned the system, that secondary was quite different. This is an A+ move all around. There are still needs, but you can fix them all in one pick

The most obvious signal: Rex and Idzik are truly on the same page, I hope all the experts stop saying they re not.



jamesMiami Dolphins:

Hard to say they made a mistake in the player, there was nothing but OL garbage at that spot. To me the Dolphins blew it by not moving up 3 spots to get their man. Zack Martin would have made immediate impact. Ja’Wuan James is a reach at RT and he may not even start this season. The kid has footwork problems and is a good project for a team that has starters, Miami doesn’t. I give this a D, mostly for not moving up to get Martin. BTW Moses would have been a better choice




easleyNew England Patriots:

This was a surprise pick, yet one that could easily pan out very well. Dominique Easley would have been picked 20 spots higher if he’s ACL wasn’t busted. My problem with this pick is that Easly, just like Jordan and Milliner last year, will miss most of the off season workouts, thus falling back and not make an immediate impact. I give this a B, mostly because of the upside for 2015





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