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Is the AFCE ready to rebound?


No……………… The Patriots have dominated this division like the Romans used to dominate the Mediterranean. Bills, Jets and Fins have become the enslaved losers begging for mercy.

Are things changing? Do we have a Abraham Lincoln that can sign the AFCE Emancipation Act of 2014? Disclaimer: Before you get your panties bend out of shape, the order in which I list the teams, is the order of finish last season.

PatsFan1.   New England Patriots

This team has had tremendous success, but has also been hurt by the lack of competition. The pats have coasted for the last few years, with the only semblance of a competitor coming from the Jets. When the Jets were threatening to dethrone them, the Pats responded by getting help and reaching the SB. There has not been a threat, there will not be a threat, Pats win the division and coast to another post-season disappointment, and we will hear about next season.

2.   New York Jets


The Jets are begging for offense, they have been since the start of the century. Why can’t they score at least a decent pace, no!!!! They suck, and the end zone has been a distant mirage. Yea yea, Rex this, Rex that; this lack of offense goes back to way before Rex, why do you think they traded for Brett Favre? Get in the end zone more often, or remain mediocre, and we will hear about next season.

MiamiFans3.   Miami Dolphins

The Jets have sucked offensively, the Dolphins are even worst. The only successful campaign came when they introduced a gimmick, the MiamiFanWildcat. Since? Nothing, I don’t care who the QB is, or how much money you spend on Walace, or trading for Marshall…no offense, none. Add to this, the numerous front office gaffes of the century, and you have a mess, one that will not be cleaned anytime soon…the dead fish smell will linger in South Florida even this year, and we will hear about next season.

Bills fans4.   Buffalo Bills

Ok, I will try to remain calm and be as civil as I can. But, a question has to be asked? Who the hell runs this joke?

How can a team suck for so many years, pick in the top of draft as regularly as I take a dump, yet they suck year in and year out. Even Detroit, the Bills of the NFCN have sort of translated those high picks into some wins. Without the Bills, the division would at least be mediocre, withy them we SUCK! This will continue, and we will hear about next season.

What we have to look forward to:

  1. Patriots fans continue their arrogance and gloat about winning 12 games only to fall short of the real prize.
  2. Jet fans will come back, I’m sure of it, and we will see names like JetsHoldTheThrophyIn2014, and you can bet one thing, we will be reminded that this team has gone to two AFCCGs.
  3. Dolphins fans will tell us how it’s all fixed now, it was all because of the OC, and they have found the new Marino, an 11 win season is doable, but 12 is more like it.
  4. HAHAHAHAHA, ok I have to actually write something about Buffalo fans. This is our year, finally no injuries, other teams will not try to hurt our guys, we will have the same luck the Jets have, this is the year for us Bills fans, the year we beat the Patriots twice and sweep the division. I have to end with a quote that I will make sure is repeated all year, this one from a devoted Bills Illusionist: “This season the Bills will be leaps and bounds better than two teams in the division”.

 DolphinsGirl copyJetsGirls

What will really happen:

  1. Patriots fans will have to endure another loss in the AFCCG
  2. Jet fans will be hoping Geno continues to grow and fall short of the WC
  3. Dolphins will learn that OLines don’t grow on trees, and it will be a while before they can rely on one. Dolphins will be fighting the Mighty Bills for the cellar
  4. Bills fans will come up with more excuses because ethe team will have another 2-3 guys playing QB, and the loss of their defensive genius will hurt. 6 wins is a lock

PatsGirl copyBills Girl


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