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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report
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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report:
         By Luciano11

TNSA is back, after a short vacation in the land of Castles and fake countries. Surrounded by lunatics trying to have a view of someone dressed in a costume.

Our first two weeks have resulted in a 4-2 record, not good, but not bad…….Luckily we didn’t have the opportunity to pick the Jets and Bills last week, as we would have done…..This week we break the bank!

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!


And the cure arrives; Doctor NFL scheduled this game at the appropriate time. Raiders are just what the Jets need, a game to get them back to smelling the thrill of victory.

Jets have been a mess lately, scoring has become a rare commodity, it all changes this week. Geno will actually play for his career, as he has been given a pass to reclaim his starting job. Geno has to realize that another early yanking to Simms, and his days as a starting QB will be over. Jets will run well, and score plenty (for the Jets that is).

Our only concern here at TNSA is that a victory or two will only camouflage the existing problems.

Raiders – JETS = 10 – 27


The Brownies have been much better than anticipated, but this week they travel to the NE and face a NE squad that cannot be happy with their last performance. The weather will play a huge role, as the Patriots easily defeat the lowly Browns.

Look for Brady to be very effective early and often. Patriots will dominate this game, and the score will reflect that as well.

Browns  –  PATRIOTS = 19 – 38


The Bills have no luck that is what we have decided this week, and their front office has no clue. They get a Falcon team that has struggled and historically been bad in cold weather, and the game is indoors in Toronto? One has to wonder? If you are so adamant about getting Canadian money, why not get it earlier in the schedule, when the weather is not your biggest supporter?

This week they get another team that was struggling, but has re-emerged with new life, especially at home. Only if the Bills played this team 5 weeks ago…

Bills – BUCCANEERS = 21 – 28


And then we get to the Euphoria killer of the week…. Dolphin fans on these boards have been like the southern winds all season. It all began with ‘The Spending Spree” a la Redskins. The signing of Wallace and Ellersbee and so on, brought upon us poor souls of the AFC East so much Euphoria that one began to wonder “should the remaining three teams even bother play this year?” Hell, it seemed as if the Dolphins, a team known more for hosting SB at their stadium than actually smelling the playoffs, will easily coast to a division title. After all the Jets will suck, the Bills will be the Bills, and the Pats were now old and beaten, and the Gronks were now injured failures. Not to mention the Hernandez mess and the Welker fiasco. So it became very apparent to all fans from the swamps that the division was at their disposal, how could it not be?

That euphoria became hysteria as the “Off-Season Champs” began the campaign at 3-0…………………but………….this are the Dolphins, has everyone forgotten that?

The Southern Swamp Winds began to BLOW again…

The hysteria was followed by “Fire Ireland now!”, hell, we even got level headed Steve to want to see Philbin fired. The team trolled the below average mid season, and all the fans here wanted nothing but “CLEAN THE HOUSE!”

These are the Dolphins, and their fans, so the recipe for happiness once again is made available to them. One thing I learned since posting on these boards in 2004, Dolphin fans rather beat the Jets than even make the playoffs. So they DO! and………………….

The Euphoria/Hysteria takes on a new turn. Those southern swamp winds begin to blow again at a rapid pace, creating swirls of tornado like atmosphere. Hell, now there is no stopping them…….again.

We read the 4-0, the 3-1 that is sure to follow, and guaranteed playoffs regarding of what the rest of the league does.

Sorry my friends, but TNSA is about to burst your bubble. The Steelers will win this game. The weather will be brutal for the pansies of the swamps, and the Steelers will win and hang on to a dream, that the season is not over. It will be an ugly game, but the EUPHORIA will come crashing down……….just the first step to losses to NE and Bills, and once again we will hear FIRE EVERYONE!

The Southern Swamp Winds will begin its BLOWING….until FA begins……….those damned winds never seem to go away

Dolphins – STEELERS = 15 – 17

By Luciano11


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