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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report
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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

By Luciano11



Week 15 – The Sun Death Showdown


This week will be docile and kind, after receiving numerous emails and death threats from the fans of the AFCE powerhouse we attacked last week. Our record after three weeks is 7-3, but how did we miss-judge the Fins?

Three weeks to go and this season will be in the books. Almost all playoff participants have been decided in weeks, but theat elusive #6 seed in the AFC is still very much up for grabs

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!


Before we give you our “expert picks”, allow me to say that it was a great personal pleasure for me to communicate once again with someone that I have shared so many years of laughs with, The Donkey. I am saddened by his loss, RIP to his dad, my deepest condolences to he and his family……….The AFCE blog is not the same without The Donkey and his witty comments!



Last week I wrote how unlucky Bills have been. Once again they play another team on the rise (after being dead for most of the season). Once again EJ returns to his state, and the result will be the same.

The Jags will continue their push to as lousy a draft pick as they can achieve; while the Bills put themselves in a familiar position, a top 5 pick.

EJ continues to regress as internal turmoil will begin to come out…..Stevie has to be rather quiet, he has three games to let his mouth do the talking.

Bills – JAGS = 20-24



Cam and the Panthers were beaten in The Big Easy last week, no shock there. The Dome is a very hard place to win. Panthers will look to rebound and position themselves well for the re-match against the Saints.

Geno showed some signs of life against a very suspect Raiders D. At this stage in his young career, he clearly has to be given plenty of time to throw, in order to be successful. Geno has not yet learned how to plant his feet in a hurry, and the results are usually brutal.

This week the Jets have little chance to win, my only hope is that the Panthers are more concerned about next week than the Jets.

The Las Vegas gurus have this at -11, I think it will be a lot closer than that, as Geno and the Jets fight for their last WC chances.

Jets – PANTHERS = 17-20



Wow! Where do I start? We have sent out all of our best staff writers and investigators to uncover this. As we all know BB is tight lipped, and Philbin rather not speak at all. This is the battle of the anti-social coaches.

Let me start by apologizing to the Flipper Nation, how could I doubt them? In the snow, in Pitt, and I pick the Steelers? Shame on me!

Now on the game: Dolphins are riding high after victories in NY and Pitt, and rightly so. Tannehill although still fumbling at times, has settled and looks poised to finish the season on a high note. The OL problems seem to have improved with the removal of the baby and the idiot.

Patriots suffered yet another Gronk injury. Gronk is either unlucky, or just paying for lack of off-season work. Either way the Pats, already without the mass murderer from Bristol, will be down to a bunch of scrubs again at TE. The positive here is that little Amendola is healthy, and Edelman has developed into a mini-Welker. Pats have played most of this season without the AFC best TE, and should adjust accordingly.

Where we see a disparity in this game is at RB. The Pats will take a load off of Brady and run it well, this will allow them to control the game. Combine that with the Brady/BB duo not willing to concede the #2 spot to the Bengals, and you get another close game.

PATRIOTS – Dolphins = 27-25



By Luciano11


TNSA Special Report


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