The Instigator’s Debut

The Instigator’s Debut
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Someday, the sports world will remember this day, as the day The Instigator made his debut…Sit back and laugh, cry, attack, fight back!…Expect to only get burned further!


Bill Belichick


There is no question in my mind that this backstabbing hooded “genius” will be remembered as one of the best ever, at HC. But what the hell is Kraft thinking? This man as a GM sucks! He trades back, and forward, and back again, so that next year he can get that amazing player very high….yea, when? With so many picks every year, the Patriots should not even kind of need to find or trade for anyone.


Belichick the GM, on draft day appears unprepared, unless you consider moving back for next year’s picks preparation. He has gotten away with so much because of one lucky round 6 pick, and has lived off the interest since. The Patriots are not among the oldest team because they have a bunch of young un-drafted crap camouflaged by Tom Brady.

I hope he doesn’t retire when Tom finally kicks the bucket, because the true shitty GM will look like it.


Laremy Tunsil


Let’s be real here, the butt-fumble may have been on Thanksgiving Day, televised, but Sanchez was playing in a game and trying to his best ability, perform (that was a joke too), but this dumbass idiot actually allowed himself to get filmed with a virtual reality high helmet.

This was taken two years ago, which means the idiot lied about the fact it was in HS, as if that mattered. He is incredibly talented and obviously big enough to play the part of an NFL lineman, but his brain needs growing, unless its true that pot makes you stupid! Why would you ever allow a film of you doing anything that can come back to bite you later in life?


My beef however is not with the head piece or stupid decision to let it get filmed, but with his arrogance of getting caught. The man left millions on the table as a result of this genius move, and he now has lawyers ready to blame the one that leaked the video, because obviously, that leaker is the real culprit……dumbass!!! This is the result of what our governments have told these kids is right and wrong. Because WikiLeaks was the problem, not their own actions. I am so tired of immature spoiled brats that hide behind “if they didn’t leak it, it never happened”.…Tunsil has shown immaturity and bad decision making. In an NFL world run by Ray Rice videos, this will come back to bite even further down the road.


The Rex-Rob Show


Rex and twin brother Rob grew up fighting, competing, they have never really been able to work together without causing a ruckus. So, what could possibly go wrong in Buffalo?

Rex walked into a situation where he couldn’t possibly do better than Marrone, after all that was the best Bills season since Paul Revere went for a ride in the country yelling like a drunk. The team was not made to his mold, it was made for someone else, and the fans in an uproar, they wanted Rex gone after less than a full season. As an encore, in a season that can make or destroy this franchise for another five years, he hires Rob.


Rob like Rex is an excellent DC, however, Rob has overstayed his welcome everywhere. Imagine now that he has his twin to report to?


The sideline during the Bills game should provide a lot of entertainment and material for all the Rex starved beat reporters.


Harvard Education is for the birds


Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very smart man, we all know this, and his life after football, unless he continues to refuse to slide, is going to be prosperous. This a QB that was not really worthy of long NFL career, he simply doesn’t even look the part. By pure luck, he ended up getting coached by Chan Gailey (the Quarterback whisperer), who had previously worked with John Elway and Troy Aikman. Chan turned him into a serviceable quarterback. After he left Chan, Fitz became a journeyman, every team tried to bring back some of the FitzMagic he had displayed in Buffalo. It wasn’t until the reunion with the Jets, that Fitz displayed some of the same ability. One year wonder decides that he, the one that has never made more than what journeymen QBs make, he should get paid like the elite ones. Wake up Fitz, you are basically a figurine that Chan plays with.



  • The narcissistic Canadian has finally realized that America and his own party don’t  really like him. He may however have a future as another tv evangelical rip off artist.
  • If Hillary wins the presidency, do we call drunken nosed Bill the First Man or the First Gentleman?
  • Speaking of Narcissus followers, if Trump is the new president, how long before the White House is added on to and renamed Trump towers?
  • Why are young college kids always so screwed up when choosing a politician to follow? Maybe we need to redefine the meaning of puberty and when it happens.


This week we tried to enter this new market with a kinder heart, do not to expect such kindness in the future.

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