The Josh Allen Report

The Josh Allen Report
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Just win, baby!

The Good: Well, Allen did just enough on the ground and in the air to get a win and that’s pretty damn good. His game winning TD pass to Kroft was a beauty, looking off the defenders to the left covering a bunch formation, then going back right on his third read to find a barely used tight end. Clutch. He was generally accurate, the usual few errant throws, but nothing back breaking. And he his a great deep throw to Brown, who made an even better catch. Good marks overall.
The Bad: A couple of those missed throws were pretty egregious, and while the INT should have been caught by Beasley, it would have been a lot easier for the little guy to make the catch if the throw wasn’t so high. The fumble bug almost reared it’s ugly head once again, but he actually held on to the ball with some serious attempts to punch it out, so that’s a wash.
The Ugly: Can we ice a game, please? Daboll is a moron and we need to get first downs when the opponent has no time left and can’t stop us from running the clock out. Jesus Christ.
On an Unrelated Note:
Singletary is still amazeballs, but he needs to make sure he holds on to the balls.
John Brown has to be the biggest surprise of the FA season.
All of you can suck it, because the Bills are going to playoffs!


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