The Josh Allen Report

The Josh Allen Report
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And so Week 2 passes with a much more convincing road win in Metlife stadium for the Josh Allen-led Bills.
The Good: There was a lot of good this week for the Josh Allen. After the defense got punched in the mouth to start the game and the offense went 3 and out on the ensuing possession Allen started lighting the porous Giants secondary up. He made a lot of good throws, a lot of quick, decisive reads, and, as always, some very athletic plays to keep his team moving forward. But the one that will stand out to me from this game is this Aaron Rodgers-esque play to keep alive the drive that eventually iced the game. Just… perfect. Overall though, this was just a solid game and a great step in the right direction for a young QB. He’s now the first Bills QB to throw for 200+ yards in 7 straight games since Jim Kelly himself. That may say more about previous Bills QBs than anything, but it’s still nice.
The Bad: There wasn’t a lot of bad in yesterday’s game when it came to Allen’s performance. There were a few high throws that receivers had to extend or jump for (but hey, they caught them) and that overthrow on a streaking John Brown had touchdown written all over it. Brown had at least three steps on the defender. But all that being said, when there was nothing available, he threw it away instead of forcing a play or taking a sack. Progress is being made.
The Ugly: Woof, that third quarter. After racking up 210 yards passing in the first half, Allen ended up with a mere 253 for the game because it seems like the Bills were content to rest on a 14 point lead. The Giants almost clawed back into the game because of that misjudgment, but at least Allen stepped up in crunch time and iced the Giants, thanks in part to a dumb ST penalty on the G-Men.
On an unrelated note:
Singletary is gimpy now. That sucks.
Josh Allen throws a mean stiff arm. Puny defenders beware.
Poyer has better hands than Zay Jones. Damn son.


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