The Josh Allen Report: Week 1

The Josh Allen Report: Week 1
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Week 1 has come and gone, at least for the AFC East, and as expected, the Bills manhandled the Jets pretty much at will on Sunday. Let’s take a deeper dive into the performance of everyone’s favorite controversial quarterback.

The Good: Josh Allen was decisive, accurate, and careful when passing the football on Sunday. Stefon Diggs’ addition promised a new-look Bills passing offense and boy, did it deliver. Allen set new career highs in passing yards, attempts, and completions. Some might tell you that 312 yards is no big deal in the modern NFL. Some might tell you that taking 46 throws to get 312 yards is bad. I’m here to tell you that when your team hasn’t passed for over 300 yards in 50 – yes, 50 – games, that it doesn’t matter as long as your QB looks as good as Allen did on Sunday. It’s certainly better than racking up 450+ yards in a loss.

The Bad: Oddly enough, it is Allen’s rushing game that gets knocked for being bad this week. He had his usual back-breaking scrambles for first downs, but for some bizarre reason, Brian Daboll kept dialing up designed QB runs even when the score was 21-0 and that was after Allen had already coughed it up once earlier in the game. Allen gets the blame for dropping the ball (literally), of course, but Daboll should get a kick in the groin for calling stupid plays that endanger his franchise QB. Especially when said franchise QB is shredding the opposing team’s pass defense.

The Ugly: We all know what goes here. Let’s get it over with. Oh, wait, sorry, that’s Super Bowl MVP and former league MVP Patrick Mahomes doing the exact same thing that Josh Allen did yesterday that caused the stats dweebs over at PFF to instantly and collectively cream their panties because it just gave them some more ammo to use in their ongoing “Josh Allen will never be good” campaign. No one is pretending that the throw Allen missed that would have effectively iced the game wasn’t egregious. It’s just that I live in a reality where imperfect things happen all the time and I don’t expect 100% completions. He didn’t set his feet before throwing and he should have. Had he done so, that would have been a likely completion. Everyone here understands that. What a lot of people fail to comprehend is that Josh Allen was a very raw project QB coming out of college and he hasn’t even played two full NFL seasons. Given how far he had to go, his progress thus far is nothing short of astonishing and he’s not a finished product yet. So get over it.

On an Unrelated Note:

The running game got stifled. Guard play is a question going forward.

Four injured linebackers. Those dirty, dirty Jets. That’s a big concern going forward.

Diggs took some real shots and kept right on ticking. I love our WR group.

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