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The Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin – Richie Incognito Timeline

The Miami Dolphins Jonathan Martin – Richie Incognito Timeline
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October 28th

Martin leaves the team facilities on Monday night after an alleged prank by a teammate and hasn’t been back with the squad since. Multiple reports have stated Martin had an emotional breakdown and is now seeking treatment.

After seeking treatment, 3 hours later Martin checks himself out of the treatment facility. According to a player who spoke with the lineman since Monday’s incident martin is spending time with his family.

October 30th

Martin is listed as “Doubtful” with a non-football related illness by the Miami Dolphins for Thursday nights game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

First reports of the cafeteria prank begin to leak:  The players did a typical joke where when the last guy comes to sit down at the table everyone gets up at the same time to walk away. They supposedly did that to Martin, causing him to snap and smash his food tray.

October 31st

First reports on Martin being bullied begin to surface through the media:

This wasn’t an abrupt action by Martin, who is Stanford-educated and the son of two lawyers who attended Harvard University. A source said Martin has tried dealing with a slew of indignities that crossed into personal and family insults, including being bestowed with the nickname of “Big Weirdo.” – Armando Salguero


The NFLPA reportedly begins to monitor the situation, and the union begins to inquire about the treatment of Martin.

The Miami Dolphins release a statement saying they are “concerned” regarding the situation between Martin and his teammates and are looking into it.

The Miami Dolphin coach Joe Philbin released a prepared statement after Thursday nights game:

“What I’d like to say in regards to Jonathan, any player with an injury or illness, our concern is for the health of the individual,” Philbin said. “In respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him. That’s all I’m going to say.”

As teammates deny the teasing was anything out of the ordinary Martin posts on his Facebook page: “Happy Halloween! Don’t believe everything you read.”


November 1st

Dolphins left guard Richie Incognito begins being investigated by the NFL Players Association for harassing teammate Jonathan Martin and is considered the “ring-leader” based on last seasons HBO’s “Hard-Knocks” program where Incognito called Martin a “Big Weirdo”.

Early Friday Morning Martin sends a text to Incognito. In the text, according to the network, Martin said: “I don’t blame you guys at all. It’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little.”

Tyson Clabo and Nate Garner are the first of the team to be quoted on the situation with Martin:

Reserve guard Nate Garner said that the team only did “normal stuff,” and other players added that Martin didn’t suffer abuse beyond what usually goes on in the locker room.

Right tackle Tyson Clabo said that he wants Martin to rejoin the team.”I want him to come back to work,” Clabo said. “He’s a talented young football player.” “I can’t say what he’s feeling. I know if and when he wants to come back that I will be there to shake his hand.”


November 3rd

The Miami Dolphins break their silence and reseal a formal statement to the media:

“The Miami Dolphins, including Coach Joe Philbin and Jonathan’s teammates, have been in communication with Jonathan and his family since his departure from the club and continue to be in contact. Our primary concern for Jonathan is his overall health and well-being. As an organization, we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously.

The notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally. The reports that the NFLPA is investigating our players are inaccurate. Additionally, the NFL offered its assistance during this time, which we appreciated and gladly accepted. We will continue to make Jonathan’s health and well-being a focus as we do with all of our players.”

Saturday morning, Richie Incognito calls out ESPN and other news outlets on tweeter

“Shame on you for attaching my name to false speculation. I won’t be holding my breathe for an apology.”

“Enough is enough. If you or any of the agents you sound off for have a problem with me, you know where to find me #BRINGIT.”

“I want my name CLEARED.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter then reported Saturday morning that Martin was “intimidated by Incognito to contribute $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas by the team’s offensive lineman.” Martin allegedly didn’t even go on the trip but spent the money.


November 4th

Sunday Morning the Dolphins stated:

“The notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally.”

Jonathan martin releases a voice mail message left by Richie Incognito to the Miami Dolphins front office and coach Joe Philbin.

Late Sunday night the Miami Dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito for misconduct related to the treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin with this statement:

“We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another,” the Dolphins said in a statement released shortly before midnight, “and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time. … We will continue to work with the league on this matter.”

ESPN reports that Dolphins coach Joe Philbin tried to get Martin’s parents to do a joint press release with the team, saying the family and team are working together to resolve issues. Martin’s father refused. According to ESPN Martin’s parents are unhappy that the Dolphins are insinuating that Incognito is getting a bad rap and that Martin was just the subject of traditional hazing.

The Miami Dolphins ask the NFL to begin a probe into the Martin case


November 5th

The April voice mails that were left on Martins phone by Incognito are released.

Reports begin to leak that Miami guard Richie Incognito was asked by coaches to “toughen up” fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

The NFLPA begins an investigation on the Martin case and an NFL spokesman said the league was monitoring the matter and has been in contact with the Dolphins since Martin left the team. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said, “This is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.” – regarding the accusations of bullying in the locker room.


November 6th

Richie Incognito break his silence for the first time since the incident with a single comment:

“You know, I’m just trying to weather the storm right now. And this will pass.”

Reports state that during a conversation between Dolphins General manager Jeff ireland and Johnathan Martins agent, Ireland suggested that Martin should “punch” him – as a means of dealing with how he was being treated

Multiple Dolphin veterans speak up on the situation with martin and Incognito:

“I think if you have a problem with somebody — a legitimate problem with somebody — you should say, ‘I have a problem with this,’ and stand up and be a man,” offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. “I don’t think what happened is necessary. I don’t know why he’s doing this, and the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin.”

“If I’m not mistaken, this is the same guy [Martin] who was laughing about this voice mail at one point and time, first of all,” receiver Brian Hartline said. “Second of all, I believe that, if you go through the whole voice mail, there’s some things said that you probably shouldn’t say in general, friends or not friends. But I know for a fact that I’ve said things to my friends that I kind of wish I never said, either.

“With that being said, I never thought it was a death threat. I never thought he was actually going to do the things he said. If you can’t take validity from one part of the voice mail, how do you take validity from the whole voice mail? You can’t pick and choose what parts count and which parts don’t count.”

Asked to clarify if Martin laughed at the voice mail, Hartline hedged.

“I just remember it was being passed around at one point as a joke. I could be mistaken.”


November 7th

David Cornwell, Jonathan Martins new attorney announces his arrival to the case with this statement:

“Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue,” said Cornwell, citing Martin’s football exploits with the Dolphins and at Stanford. “The issue is Jonathan’s treatment by his teammates.

“For the entire season-and-a-half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment,” Cornwell continued. “This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying.”

“Eventually, Jonathan made a difficult choice,” Cornwell added. “Despite his love for football, Jonathan left the Dolphins. Jonathan looks forward to getting back to playing football. In the meantime, he will cooperate fully with the NFL investigation.”


Miami Dolphins Fan through and through, but football fan all around.

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