The Mock Draft to End All Mock Drafts…..Probably Not

The Mock Draft to End All Mock Drafts…..Probably Not
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1st Round
Dolphins: Ezekiel Elliot: The Fins are going all in on the Gase offense of having Tannehill only throw it ten times a game and run the ball the remaining 50 times a game. They need a feature back and Elliot is the only good back in this draft.
Bills: Darron Lee LB from That Ohio School: The Bills need LBs are they currently only have Preston Brown and the Zach Brown band. Lee is the new wave of linebackers in that he can play all three downs, fast and athletic and can be used sideline to sideline. He will give the Bills a legit linebacker for next year who won’t be a liability in coverage. Plus Rex is the HC which means Bills go defense.
J-E-T-S: Sheldon Rankins: Last year showed that Rex Ryan still runs the Jets 1st round which means this year they will yet again go defensive line. Rankins is “insurance” when Wilkerson leaves, Sheldon leaves and when Leonard Williams gets triple teamed.
2nd Round
Dolphins: Roberto Aguayo, God’s Gift to Kicking: The Dolphins desperately need a kicker who can at least make extra points. The good news is this draft has probably the greatest kicker of all time in Aguayo who like The Legend of Kiko, is larger than life. By drafting Aguayo, the Dolphins will have the two greatest players of all time and will dramatically increase jersey sales.
Bills: Christian Hackenberg: Doug Whaley needs a new project QB for the fanbase to turn on and with a Penn State alum at owner, this seems like a no brainer.
J-E-T-S: Connor Cook: The Jets do not want to run with Geno this year and Fitzmagic might take his beard elsewhere. Cook is pretty much Kirk Cousins and despite being awful in college, will get overdrafted because he’s a winner. Thankfully the Jets are the fanbase to do that.
Cheating Cheaters Who Cheated: Kendall Fuller: The Patriots don’t have a 1st which means they have to wait til Friday night to make their 1st pick. It is the 2nd round which means Belichick will go with the defensive back who is injury prone and Fuller is that. Fuller can play nickel or outside and is actually good which will make many thing someone else drafted instead of the Hoodie.
Cheating Cheaters Part Deuce: Insert Alabama Heisman RB Here: After making a great choice with their 1st pick, the Patriots will make a horrible choice and draft Derrick Henry who might be the most overrated running-back since Trent Richardson in 2012. Henry is very similar to Blount and the Pats can keep him cheap for four years instead of just the one.  Makes too much sense for it not to happen.
3rd Round
Dolphins: Cyrus “the Virus” Jones from Rawl Tyde: The Dolphins got rid of Brent Grimes and need to replace him with another tiny CB. Cyrus Jones is that man as at 5’10 he fits the height requirement for the Fins. He can also return punts which means Landry can’t fumble those away anymore.
Bills: Jayron Kearse from Clemson: The Bills need to fill their Clemson quota with Kearse who at 6’4 216 and is the big safety that many so desperately want. However he plays very soft and is so-so at coverage which is why he is considered a day three prospect. However with Rex wanting all the Clemson, the Bills will overdraft him by two rounds.
Cheating Cheaters Part Tres: Braxton Miller:  Miller is an intriguing player in that he is a flexible chess piece the Pats could do. Also if anyone could make him work, it is Tom Brady and the Hooded One is best buds with Urban Meyer which makes this a likely choice.
J-E-T-S: Who Cares They Aren’t Making the Playoffs


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