The Moore Effect…Revisited


The Moore Effect…Revisited
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As I sit here watching the post game interviews of the Dolphins/Jets game in my own personal orgasmic bliss, I thought I would string a few purely unscientific and biased thoughts together…

  1. There truly is no apparent drop-off from Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore. Some might argue Moore is better (I’m not ready to say that…yet).

  3. Cameron Wake…Stud: He turned the tide in this game. The Dolphins defense looked absent until that interception. After the interception, they woke up with the interception. We don’t win without him.

  5. Adam Gase is definitely an upgrade for head coaches. Is he elite? No, but he is on his way to being a successful coach, mistakes and all.

  7. We need to keep this in perspective. The Jets are anything but a good team. We dominated (as we should have), but they aren’t the Cowboys or the Patriots…We still have a lot to prove.

  9. Just how far can Matt Moore go? I think he can keep up his good games for the rest of the year (and playoffs), but he isn’t our future. He is certainly allowing us to be consistent from the loss of Tannehill. Tannehill is not the future of our franchise.

  11. The mere fact that Moore can look so good, renders the argument of Tannehill being the future of our franchise even more in doubt. When a backup can do better than the starter (regardless of the competition), you don’t have a true dynasty starter.

  13. Maybe this start will help management realize just what they have in Tannehill. Should we get rid of him? No. But we should keep our eyes open for our true future. As I said before, he is a stand in until our future arrives.

  15. We are 9-5! I predicted 8-8, so it is all gravy from here.

  17. Brandon Marshall who? Irrelevant with one catch. Usually we are burned with our former players coming back to haunt us.


Now…Don’t take all these good feelings as any overconfidence or expectation that we are a playoff caliber team. If we make the playoffs, it will be a huge accomplishment. Going deep is highly unlikely. But being a long time fan, I have to say that I am actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…It might be 3-4 years away, but at least there is a light. For those Patriot fans, these musing may seem overly optimistic or boastful over nothing. If you are a Dolphin fan, you might actually have something to be happy about for a change.


It is just nice to have a solid performance to enjoy, even if it is for a short week.


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