The Sideline Report Fantasy Recap

The Sideline Report Fantasy Recap
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What a wonderful week of football! I mean….do you see that Patriot 3rd stringer swarmed in the loving embrace of the Bills? The only thing that makes the Bills winning a football game better is winning out in fantasy! That being said, I’ve avoided making my own article this week.
Dynasty League
Tyrod’s Tailor romped the hapless Tuck a Buck Express this weekend. Tyrod was already done beating Tuck a Buck’s ass before the Monday night game but tacked on a few extra points for “insurance” (see: overkill) and beat him 158.34-82.12. A common theme around fantasy football this weekend was either pure elation because you have Julio Jones and he went off for you. The other common theme was sitting in a pool of your own feces because you played against Julio Jones and he went off on you. Take a wild guess which one of these owners had Julio? Tyrod’s Tailor could have beaten Tuck with three players: Julio, Andy Dalton, and Ezekiel Elliot. He could have sat everyone else and still won by 2 points.
Tuck a Buck did what they could with what they have. Kirk Cousins, Devonta Freeman and Lamar Miller had decent games but the rest of his roster came up firing blanks. His bench wasn’t much better. Time to brush this one off and look forward to FSociety in week 5. Tyrod’s Tailor will take on Dud’s Studs.
There had been two undefeated teams in the Dynasty League with FSociety and Down with ODB. Now there is only one as FSociety fell to Belichick Yo’Self 171.60-157.58. The normally explosive FSociety roster was as explosive as always but ran into a lethal combination of Big Ben, Bell, Crowell, and Murray. FSociety had great numbers from Crabtree, Bortles, Sanders and Olsen but it just wasn’t enough. Big let down was Golden Tate scoring only 3 points. It’s unfortunate that he got benched but it is what it is. You can’t do anything about that except bench him yourself in the upcoming weeks and hope he gets his attitude right. Belichick is on to Keenan & Kelce and Fsociety takes on Tuck a Buck Express.
High score of the week was Belichick Yo’Self and Tuck a Buck registered the lowest.
D League
Best game of the week was between Liquor Box and Brady’s Deflated Balls. Liquor held out for narrow 1.3 point victory and drops the hapless Brady’s Deflated Balls to 0-4. Liquor left a bunch of points on the bench but the issue is would you really have put Jimmy Graham in for Gronk or Carr in for Rivers? Probably not. This was one of the rare instances where Julio Jones didn’t lead a team to victory. Brady’s were let down by under performing talents like DeVante Parker and the seemingly rudderless Coby Fleener. It’s beginning to look like his week 3 explosion is going to become the exception to his rule of 5 points or less for the season. This week Liquor Box takes on Put Your Drake on my (…where is the rest of this team name??) and Brady’s moves on to White Walkers.
Biggest blow out comes from I’m the Juggernaught crushing Put your drake on my (seriously….rest of the name?). It’s strange how this one played out. Juggernaught didn’t have super high scores from any specific player (highest score was Crowell at 23.2) and had some low scores (Matt Forte at 6.3), but it was nothing compared to the flurry of single digit performances on the other side of the table. Drake only had 4 players snag double digits and all but 1 scored under 15. Worst performances by far were Edelman with a 2.7 and Julius Thomas with a big ol’ goose egg. Juggernaught takes their 3-1 record to the 9th place A Gurley Has No Name and Drake has a tough task ahead with the 3-1 Liquor Box.
Injuries & Waivers
It was a bad week to have a brain inside of your skull in the NFL. Carson Palmer and Cam Newton both left their respective losses to enter the concussion protocol. Giants TE Larry Donnell also suffered one, but I doubt he’s rostered anywhere. Palmer is almost guaranteed to miss this Thursday’s game against the awful 49ers. Even if he’s cleared I doubt Arians puts him in. Then again, Arians isn’t a smart coach so…Newton plays on Monday so he has a higher probability to get back on the field. Look into snagging Derek Anderson to play Monday just in case Newton can’t get himself right in time.
The other QB you might care about is Trevor Siemian and his sprained shoulder. Do you cringe every time you see a huge defensive player land on a QB and drive their shoulder into the turf? I know I do. I could mention the other injured quarterback…you know…that loser from Chicago, Jay Cutler. I think he has a hangnail or some crap…
As predicted, Zach Ertz has been cleared the week following the Eagles bye week. I don’t know how one displaces a rib, and frankly I don’t want to know. I’ve heard it’s painful as hell and hopefully he’s in a place to contribute again. Hopefully you’ve survived these first 4 weeks without a solid TE on your roster.
If you held on to Justin Forsett after he was initially released as a bit of roster chicanery by the Ravens you lost out because he’s gone again. Look into snagging Terrance West or Javorius Allen if you really want to have a part of the Ravens backfield. I’d personally find something else this week instead. Kenneth Dixon is an interesting option if you have the space on your bench.
Robert Woods deserves careful consideration at WR. He’s going to be the number 1 target in an offense that can get down by a lot. I personally hate rostering Buffalo Bills players because well…they are the Bills and we aren’t exactly known as a high flying offense. Woods is definitely a Flex consideration week to week and with Byes coming in full force Woods is someone to keep on the radar.
Sidebar: How in the blue blazes is Isaiah Crowell the second leading rusher in the NFL? The hell is that about??!! Goes to show you that Hue Jackson will run the ball regardless of the situation. Take a look around your league. Crowell may be available and he may get you a crap load of points he doesn’t deserve getting.
Ok, back to receivers. Brian Quick of the Rams used to be a guy I’d pick up late in drafts because he’s fast and he’s supposedly a good wide receiver. Don’t get duped. His performance this last weekend is likely an anomaly. Like the Bills blanking the Pats at home. Likely not going to happen again anytime soon.
That’s all for this week. Good luck on waivers and in the upcoming contests!


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