The Sideline Report Fantasy Round Up- My Kingdom for a Running Back

The Sideline Report Fantasy Round Up- My Kingdom for a Running Back
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First and foremost, football is a stupid sport. Specifically, The Buffalo Bills are stupid at this sport. I want you to find the closest Bills fan to you and slap them because they honestly probably got too big for their britches after week 6. Glad we could get back to where we belong. Mediocre at best, and WTF at worst. I mean…I know no one has contained Brady but the hell was that crap on Sunday??!!
Whatever. This is supposed to be about fantasy sports which are just as stupid as everything else with legitimately every single running back getting injured. Where do you even turn to now?
Dynasty League
Dud’s Studs continued their winning ways with a 13 point take down of Belichick Yo’Self 140.62-127.80. While Belichick started Brady (go figure…) the real turn of this contest came at the running back position where Dud’s crew of Devontae Booker and Theo Riddick nearly outscored the 3 RBs put out by Belichick. Belichick was let down my usually reliable WRs like Mike Evans, and Tyler Lockett who combined for under 20 points. This fantasy season has really been an up and down affair in that regard. Beyond five or six players, is there really a stud fantasy player anymore? Dud goes on next week to take on the explosive Tuck a Buck Express and Belichick draws the Direwolves.
Whatever the case may be, consistency is all over the board. Except with Home Run Darby of course. They are consistently horrible and really looking like they are in prime position to end up in the loser’s bracket. Darby was demolished by Tuck a Buck 175.14-103.82. Darby can’t get anything going this year. They are 0-8 and while they got good production out of Tyrod Taylor (mainly because of the rushing TD) and Mike Gillislee (for the same reason) too many players in his line up scored single digits for him. There’s not much you can do when players hamstring you like that.
On the other side Tuck a Buck Express posted huge days from Aaron Rodgers, Amari Cooper, and Rob Gronkowski which basically overtook all of Darby’s lineup. It really tells you something when you have a near 22 point performance from Devonta Freeman and they don’t get mentioned as a top performer. There was no weak link this week as this was the highest score of the week. Already mentioned that Tuck a Buck will go up against Dud’s Studs and Home Run Darby will take on Tyrod’s Taylor in a battle for Buffalo Fandom Supremacy. If everything stays the same, Darby may make the column again next week having been blown out again. Hopefully not though.
The D League
The Evil Corp is usually right in the thick of things in either one of the leagues but he was trounced this week by I’m the Juggernaught 192.26-156.60. Sad thing? Evil ran into some dumb luck. His score would have beat 8 of the 10 teams in the league. Sometimes you just get unlucky.
It almost isn’t fair. Juggernaught had 3 positions which just crushed Corp. Specicially the Broncos defense against the usually reliable Minnesota who, by the way, apparently forgot how to play football the last couple of weeks. Spencer Ware suffered a concussion which limited his scoring ability and Ryan Matthews has now under performed for the last 3 weeks leaving Evil Corp in the lurch trying to pick up the pieces.
Juggernaught didn’t have anyone go off for career defining numbers, but he did have a lot of players over achieving and scoring in the high teens and low 20s. Most surprising would have been the resurgence of Matt Forte but the Jets played the Browns so does that really truly count? I’d say no but numbers don’t lie. Now sitting at 6-2 and in 2nd place Juggernaught moves on to face Le’Veon a Bong and Evil Corp tries to get back into the playoff hunt against the 6-2 Liquor Box.
Our razor thin victory for either league came with the 5 point defeat Put your Drake on My earned over A Gurley Has no Name 131.86-126.38. In a match up that makes me scream at the top of my lungs, both teams put in players who didn’t play. Drake is inexcusable though with two players on a bye. At least Gurley made the same mistake many of us did who picked up Ty Montgomery and weren’t notified he wasn’t playing at all and left him in the lineup. Had the warning been properly sent, this game would have gone the other way with just about any replacement player. Gurley could have made a late roster move to pick up someone on the wire that could have been helpful.
I can’t even discuss this game anymore. I get so sincerely mad at things like this. Pay the f**k attention man! The D League is living up to its name, man. Gurley takes on The White Walkers in week 9 and I couldn’t care less who Drake takes on. Maybe this time they’ll put out a full lineup.
Injuries/Waiver Wire
Christ on a crutch, where to start…
If you have a starting RB on your roster consider yourself lucky. Spencer Ware is in the concussion protocol, Demarco Murray’s got a foot injury as does Jacquizz Rodgers…You’ll note that all these names are back ups to the individuals you likely drafted in the first place. You are really getting to the bottom of the barrel for Running Backs. If CJ Prosise is available you may want to snag him. He’s got a good match up against the Bills in primetime on Monday and has the chance to run all over them like everyone does. Another safe play is Charcandrick West of the Chiefs. He’s been good in the past and if Ware doesn’t clear the protocol he’s the next man up. Also look for Tim Hightower (who incidentally was the most common player on winning ESPN fantasy teams last season when he came in for Ingram). Antone Smith would be the pick up in Tampa Bay if you want to hop onto that dumpster fire. Derrick Henry is a must add if you’re a Murray owner. Henry is going to be great and you might be able to convince a desperate Murray owner they need their handcuff. As a long shot, consider James Starks. With Kniles Davis’ short stint at Lambeau ending it could mean Starks’ return is imminent.
As for wide receivers, check in on Jamison Crowder who is a PPR monster when he’s going well. You can also look to JJ Nelson in Arizona, but keep in mind he’s always had that break away speed and he doesn’t always produce points. Another guy you could jump on who has been out with an injury is Cleveland’s Corey Coleman. Hopefully when he comes back his hand is going right. You can also look to the Chargers and Dontrelle Inman. With the way Philip Rivers throws to everything that moves, Inman has value especially as the top targets in San Diego continue to struggle with injury. PS They also play the Titans this week so…
I’m writing this while watching Game 6 of the World Series……Hey..Cleveland fans…how in the hell do you let that many Chicago fans into your house to make it sound like it’s a home game for them? I mean…I can grant you Bill F’ing Murray but come on!

Yeah....even Bill scored last night.

Yeah….even Bill scored last night.


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