The Tom Brady Story-Casting Lead Role

The Tom Brady Story-Casting Lead Role
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After extensive research, and brutal hours of watching fool after fool trying to win a role that mixes macho, gayness, athleticism, dedication and a little cross dressing, we have decided that these are our final candidates as proposed by our bloggers:


Bruce Allen


Michael C Hall

Justin Bieber


Luc Von Rattenfänger


Owen Wilson




Michael Cera

Christoph Waltz

John Goodman




hmm, blond, blue eyes, athletic, 6’5″. plus we can add in genius by having him be a Fulbright scholar at nearby MIT (Boston connection). you know him from lots of movies too, lol Dolph Lundgren


Jim Parsons

Neil Patrick Harris




my vote for someone to play TB in a movie is Jeffrey Dahmer




I vote Val Kilmer. Fat Kilmer

Jared Leto, no question. Except he’s a great actor and a role playing Tom Brady would be beneath him. I’d also accept Michael C. Hall, mainly on the punchable face grounds.




As for the Tom Brady movie…there is only one person who could possibly match Tom’s rugged good looks. Dave Monte




Speaking of the Tom Brady movie…I think Tom needs to make his acting debut and play himself on screen because there just isn’t anyone that handsome that can pull that off….Besides me of course.




Johnny Witworth Since you named Owen Wilson, I’m guessing you aren’t stressed about having a near look-a-alike, but this guy meets your other criteria kinda. Looks manly with facial hair and stuff, but looks a bit odd, too much make up-ish in other photos. Sharper features than brady, but I think his sharper features like cheek lines line up well to Brady.



I decided to make an executive decision, and invited these guys back for another audition:

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