The Von Rattenfänger AFCE Mock Draft 2017-1.0

The Von Rattenfänger AFCE Mock Draft 2017-1.0
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As you well know, my main focus is cleansing cities of rats. With Spring having arrived, the rodent population has dwindled somewhat. We focus our staff’s attention to the NFL, in particularly, to the draft, as it affects the AFCE.
As a world “self-promoted” expert, here are my picks
6. Jets
Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
With the Revis Island now having been bulldozed off the map, the NY Jets will focus on cornerback. Clairborne will start, health permitting, on one side. The other side will belong to Lattimore, sending the little blonde ODB look alike, Buster, back to slot corner.
Not sure this is the big splash Jets fans expect, but if available, Lattimore can help immediately. Todd Bowles’ defense requires talented and numerous CBs. Lattimore fits best player available and a need, especially when none of the quarterbacks available will give you an incentive too cut Petty.

10. Bills
Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
Bills fans and mockers everywhere are expecting big wide receiver, Mike Williams, I would agree, however Doug Whaley is not making this pick, Sean McDermott is. A defensive minded head coach with the ability to pick his own player, will want to replace Stephon Gilmore.
Andre Holmes and the other 300 #4s the Bills have signed since the end of the season will help not take another WR in the top 10. It also may have helped Sean change his mind and start to mold the defense into his own.
22. Dolphins
Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
Another somewhat surprise of a pick. The Dolphins have addressed the linebacker position in free agency, for the short term. This gives them the luxury of reinforcing another position. Harris will replace Mario and be developed as the heir apparent to Wake.
Probably not a popular move, but I like Harris, and his value should be higher than 22.
Bill Belichick will be busy counting his draft picks, and finding new ways to trade down for more.

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