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TNSA Special Playoffs Report

TNSA Special Playoffs Report
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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

By Luciano11

The playoffs are coming!…..The playoffs are coming! images (2)
Well here we go again, another off-season without proper representation from the AFC East. Oh smack! I forgot the Pats are in it. Only kidding, the Patriots deserve to be there, but as of late they have not exactly lit it up when the games really matter. Jets Jerks, Bills Bullies, Dolphins Dreamers eat your heart out! This week we take a look at the NFL Playoffs. Round 1 already presents us with some very interesting match-ups. Dreams and hopes will be shattered in towns, where the fans are hungry for a SB.

Disclaimer: Please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!  Don’t bet my house on your account either!

Saturday, January 4th, 2014


The day will begin with the first upset, if you can even consider this an upset. Two teams with the same home/away and over all record. Both team are mediocre offensively, similar defensively. Frankly neither team has impressed me at all. I trust the KC defense and HC a little more than I do anything Indy. Luck is good, but he doesn’t belong on the pedestal he was placed by the Media, not yet. The Chiefs will control the clock, this game will be played mostly between the 20s, should result in a boring typical playoff game between two teams that suck.
The odds makers favor Indy by 2, we say, what?

CHIEFS – Colts = 24-20  


This should be a very fun game to watch, I am glad it’s at night. On paper the Saints should kill the Eagles. HC, QB, WRs, TE, all points favor the Saints, no doubt. However, this is not the Big Easy, its not indoors where thousands of lunatics meet from the bayou and scream all game; this is Philadelphia, were equally lunatic fans fill the stadium. These fans, like their team are used to cold, bitter winds. The Saints are not as good away from NOLA in a warm temperature, they will not come close to the team they appear to be in the cold. The Eagles are on the rise, they are having fun, and they don’t seem to care who is in their way. They have taken on Kelly’s mentality well.
The odds makers favor Philly by 3, we say, not enough.

Saints – EAGLES = 23-38  

Sunday January 5th, 2014


This is game is very similar to the NFC match-up, Aints @Eagles. How the Chargers even got in the playoffs is hard to imagine, shame on the Dolphins and Ravens!!! These two teams are similar only because they are both in the post season, other than that, nothing. You have Rivers and his experience of blowing post-season games on one side. Dalton who at times is brilliant on the other. Cincy is loaded with talent at every position, the Chargers are not. Cincy will dominate this game early; they will rule the game at the line of scrimmage. San Diego will collapse in the Ohio bidder winter. Chargers don’t belong, and they will be done by end of first half.
The odds makers favor Cincy by 7, we say, are you mad, it’s SD!

Chargers – BENGALS = 17-34  

49ERS ICON49ers@Packers  4:40pm ETGREENBAY ICON

The NFL/TV gurus scheduled the best for last. What a game this will be, this is true playoff football between two very good football teams. San Francisco started the year the way their priced young stud at QB started, crappy. Because of that, they allowed the Seahawks to walk away with home field advantage. SF lost the SB a year ago, getting back there was supposed to be a no brainer. Their defense is amazing, they are physical, a great running team with Gore. They should kill this mediocre GB team that just a week ago was not in the playoffs. Two weeks ago it looked like a pipe dream. GB has a banged up Rodgers, but they have something now that makes them more dangerous in bad weather, a running game. This game will not be a blow out by any means, but it will come down to one simple thing that will expose the 49ers. The Packs will take a lead and there will be no way that Kaepernick brings them back. He doesn’t usually turn the ball over, and that has been his strength together with his running ability. We say he throws two picks this week, and falls short as the dream of a return to the big game ends; unlike a year ago, this is not the Harbaugh Family’s year.
The odds makers favor San Fran by 3, we don’t agree

49ers – PACKERS = 26-28

TNSA Special Report


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