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TNSA Special Report

TNSA Special Report
Luciano 11
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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report

By Lucky from Toronto

Week 16 – The Dream Continues

As the NFL season dwindles into the Christmas Season (there I said it, politically correct or not), we find a very uncommon site….The Miami Dolphins, the Pride of Florida, is battling not only for a WC spot, but to possibly unseat the hated buffoons from the North.

All the mathematical equations point in Miami’s favor, but, there is a small problem with that, the NFL Gods decided to have them play two division games. As we all know, all rules go out the window when these kinds of games are played. Earlier on, the Bills beat the Dolphins when nobody expected that to happen ,especially not in Miami. The Jets defeated the Patriots, nobody expected that one; this past week the Dolphins beat the Pats, barely, but beat them for the first time in 8 games.

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!


This is a very interesting game, with zero relevance on the playoff picture. I will be watching closely on a few things. First of all on the Browns, is this team ready to take the next step with a few additions? They have shown flashes all year, but then again, this song has been out of tune in Cleveland for decades now. Can the Jets keep new receiver sensation Flash Gordon in check?

On the Jets side it will be very interesting to see if the team gives up on Rex. Now that there are no playoffs, how hard does this team perform? Rex has to realize that the only way he keeps his job is by winning the next two games.

Jets will win; its home and no starters will be kept out in favor of the many kids that need to be evaluated. Rex cannot afford to evaluate.

Browns – JETS = 18-27

….and now to the games that matter


This is one of the many games that will make Vegas some serious money. How do you pick?

Ravens have been bad, and then rebound to be decent. Patriots have been Good, and rebound to be bad. Go figure!

It will come down to who needs this game more, or not, both teams do. The home field advantage is the only reason why I keep thinking Ravens. The SB Champs are not even close to playing they did a year ago. Their defense is just a poor imitation, and Flacco is very happy and content with his huge contract. Trading Boldin was as dumb a move as any NFL team made in the off-season.
The Patriots allowed the Dolphins back in the game, and then couldn’t stop them when it mattered. This Pats team is NOT ready for the playoffs. They have been erratic all season, its time to step it up. No way BB/Brady lose two straight

PATRIOTS – Ravens = 24-17


As of today, unless Moron is playing head games with Philbin, EJ Manuel is not playing. WHAT??? Stevie has a booboo too. Grow up folks! Your season has your fans on the brink of suicide; the USA was still a Democracy last time this team mattered! Grow up!

If EJ can play, he needs to play, unless you have decided he is a bust. I’m a Syracuse Alumni and a die-hard Orangemen fan. Marrone did a decent job there, but what the hell was the old fool thinking hiring him to lead this team? Marrone at best is a positional coach in this league. Someone needs to remind him that in the NFL you play 16 games, not 14.
Bills have been up and down more than the anemic Jets. Only difference is Jets do it weekly, Bills do it in bunches. I think Western NY needs to see how serious this management group is of putting a winning team on the field, show up for the next two weeks, or start from scratch and clean the house……again! Ralphie doesn’t have time on his side.
The Dolphins started out the year with a bang, became a joke, but are poised to finish with a bang. Hats off to them, especially in the aftermath of the Cry Baby vs. Idiot Scandal.
I just cannot see the Dolphins letting down and losing this week. They have something the Bills don’t, a purpose.

DOLPHINS – Bills = 31-24

Go Bills! Prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TNSA Special Report


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