Turnover by snaps-What does it really mean?

Luciano 11

Turnover by snaps-What does it really mean?
Luciano 11
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What do all these numbers really mean, and how do they translate to the gridiron? Lets take a closer look at the overall picture, and then analyze only the AFCE.

Looking at the NFL as a whole

  1. The 49ers, Eagles, Dolphins, Broncos & Saints all lost a lot of snaps
  2. The Jets signed a lot of players
  3. The Packers do not sign Free Agents
  4. The Bengals and Panthers did not allow many players to walk away



Looking at the Divisions

  1. Cowboys look poised to win the division. A good team a year ago, with solid +/-
  2. At some point this approach will catch up to the Packers, but not along as they keep fielding top quality QBs
  3. The Panthers if healthy should be the team to beat, Saints made too many moves
  4. 49ers are in for a top 10 pick year, too many changes. Seahawks still the most well run organization in the NFCW
  5. Bengals probably win the division with the non moves made
  6. Texans have no stability, Colts with a very level off season. Jags have a lot of ground to make up
  7. Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs all remained at last year’s levels with the Raiders catching up some. The winner will be one of the top three, toss up


Looking at the AFC East

  1. Dolphins – Lots of added talent, but this chart clearly shows at what expense. The Dolphins have lost the second most snaps in the NFL. That is a lot of experience gone, especially with the Offense. In my opinion it will take a few games to get everyone on the same page. Luckily the schedule is a friend the first few weeks.
  2. Bills – A pretty good off-season as far as snaps lost versus snaps gained. For the most part the Bills have retained a lot of talent and added to it. The biggest adjustment will be in the coaching philosophy, but that doesn’t show up here.
  3. Patriots – The Patriots lost starters, but overall they had the lowest turnover in the division. I wonder what this chart looked like in years past, because I bet for the Patriots its very similar numbers wise. A good team makes sensible moves yearly.
  4. Jets – The Jets needed to do something, and they did. Last season the roster was weak with little overall talent. The new regime set out to spend and they upgraded the entire roster and its depth. As a result? The biggest gain of any team. This doesn’t necessarily mean immediate success. Like the Dolphins, this team needs time to get on the same page, and the schedule is not very friendly at the beginning.

Note: This is how I see these numbers, doesn’t mean you do. Feel free to give us your opinion on what it all means.

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The info for the chart was prepared by ESPN and is derived from


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