The Undefeated: Week 4 Results

The Undefeated: Week 4 Results
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7 teams entered week undefeated and 5 of them survived to reach 4-0 starts. Both the Dolphins and Bears were dropped from the ranks of the undefeated in week 4.


DOLPHINS ICONMonday Night Football 8:30pmSAINTS ICON
Dolphins (3-0) vs Saints (3-0)  (Saints -6.5)
Results: Saints 38 Dolphins 17

Fortunate MNF scheduling gave us this early season match-up of undefeated teams at the sight of many SuperBowls.  The Dolphins came to New Orleans looking for their first 4-0 start since 1995 but left empty handed.  The game remained close until the end of the half when the interception of a Tannehill pass started the Saints on a 21 point scoring streak effectively putting the game out of reach.
The Saints last 4.0 start was in 2009


Patriots (3-0) vs Falcons (1-2)  8:30pm (Falcons (-2)FALCONS ICON
Results: Patriot 30 Falcons 23

With 5 minutes left to play and the Patriots holding a
30-13 lead it seemed the Patriots had secured an upset victory in Atlanta. Two minutes later after a TD catch by Tony Gonzales, an onside kick recovery and field goal by the Falcons the score was 30-23 with 3 minutes to play. The Falcons had the chance to send the game to overtime with a 1st and 13 in the closing minutes but 4 plays later the Patriots took over on downs and ran the clock out.
Patriots last 4-0 start was in 2007.


BEARS ICONBears (3-0) vs  Lions (2-1) 1:00 pm  (Lions -2)LIONS ICON
Results: Lions 40 Bears 32

Big divisional game with the lead for the NFC North at stake. The
Bears were looking to take a 2 game lead and the Lions trying to prove they plan to contend for the division title. The Lions win leaves both teams at 3-1 and the Lions with a one game lead in the divisional games.

CHIEFS ICONChiefs (3-0) vs Giants (0-3) 1:00 pm (Chiefs -4) GIANTS ICON
Results:Chiefs 31 Giants 7

Normally we would look for the 3-0 and 0-3 teams to be reversed in this match-up but this is the NFL and last year doesn’t count. The swarming defense of the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium wasn’t about to give Eli an opportunity t0 stop the Giants slide in the rankings.
The Chiefs last 4-0 start was in 2003.


SEAHAWKS ICONSeahawks (3-0) vs (Texans (2-1) 1:00 pm  (Seahawks -2.5)TEXANS ICON
Results: Seahawks 23 Texans 20 OT

The Seahawks brought their #1 defense to Houston for a showdown with the Texans  #2 defense. The Texans started strong building a 20-3 halftime lead and then things started to unravel. The Seahawks scored 20 unanswered points including a pick 6 of Schaub and the game winning field goal in overtime.
This is the first 4-0 start for the Seahawks since they entered the league in 1976


BRONCOS ICONBroncos (3-0) vs Eagles (1-2) 4:25pm (Broncos -11)EAGLES ICON
Results: Broncos 52 Eagles 20

The Broncos continued their string of double digit wins with a 31 point run in the second half.  The Eagles racked up 450 yards of offense but 2-5 performance in the rezone and 2 special teams TD’s by the Broncos left them far behind.  Surprisingly the Eagles 1-3 still leaves them in 2nd place in the battered NFCE.
The Broncos last 4-0 start was in 2009.


Saints (4.0) vs Bears (3-1)
Patriots (4-0) vs Bengals (2-2)
Chiefs (4-0) vs Titans (3-1)
Seahawks (4.0) vs Colts (3-1)
Broncos (4-0) vs Cowboys (2-2)




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