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Value and Need Seems the Way to Go for the Steelers

Value and Need Seems the Way to Go for the Steelers
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Pittsburgh Steelers, GM Kevin Colbert always states how he will never draft based on need, in this instance both need and value look to be made in heaven for him come May 8th.

Each year as we approach the draft, every coach and general manager always makes a point to state how they will only draft for the best player available and not just for need. That seems to be the chorus line for the past few years.

So if that is truly the case then why are there so many teams drafting from certain positions? Why is it that every year at least one team reaches for a player based on position, when it is evident that there is a much better player from another position?

My guess is that the reason behind the hypocrisy is because the “win now” mentality of the NFL these days and coaches as well as GM’s don’t have the luxury of that “best player available” lest they will find themselves jobless by seasons end. Both fans and owners look for the same thing and want the same thing, the want their team to win now not at some point down the road.

Hence the reason we often see a running back that happens to be the absolute best player on the board get passed up because the team selecting already has a fairly productive one on the roster. All i can say is that i am glad i don’t have to make those GM choices because the allure of instant results most times outweighs what is best for the team in the long run.

Luckily the Pittsburgh Steelers, 16-16 with no playoffs the last couple of seasons, are in a position of finding value (BPA) and a player they need when they are on the clock at 15th on round one of the 2014 NFL Draft. The Steelers should have no problem addressing their largest issues at the cornerback and wide receiver positions.

When you look at the latest mock drafts that abound, you will find that players like Justin Gilber (CB), Bradley Roby (CB), Darqueze Dennard (CB), Marquise Lee (WR), Mike Evans (WR), Odell Beckham Jr. (WR), The Steelers will at the very least come out with a player that won’t be deemed a reach no matter which option they go for.

Also, if for some reason a player the likes of Eric Ebron or Aaron Donald end up dropping to the 15th, you will be looing at high value on a player that will contribute immediately to the team, even if the need is not as obvious as the CB and WR positions are. Age at TE for the Steelers is a concern and someone like Donald won’t have much competition come training camp.

With a draft considered to be one of the deepest and riches in term of talent available, what better time for the Steelers to be selecting from the top of each round? Missing the playoffs the past two seasons is unfortunate for the Steel Curtain but a draft where value and need both seem to exist so nicely it’s a silver lining for Pittsburgh.




Miami Dolphins Fan through and through, but football fan all around.

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