Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 13

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 13
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Week 13 AFCE Overreactions

What a week, another 2-2 showing for the division and this one includes the game of the year in the division thus far. We learned a lot about what these teams are made of, so let’s waste no time.
Last place, the Jets. I mean come on, we’re way past the point of expecting the Jets to do anything remarkable, but how about something good? The Jets suck and everyone knows it, and it’s starting to show that they know it too. Zack Wilson has yet to play in an NFL game where he didn’t throw an interception and the Jets’ best weapon is a Lilliputian WR who’s talents are wasted by having such a terrible QB to throw him the ball. But I know, the Jets are building momentum and will be better next year. I’ve read this book before, but I really will never get sick of it. If Jet failures were a movie, I think I’d probably watch it more than Star Wars. The Jets do have a defensive Head Coach though, so maybe offense just isn’t going to be their thing. The defense is going to be what defines them. Yeah, that defense just was made to look extra stupid by the Gardner Minshew led Eagles. Maybe Ambassador Johnson should start looking at the available coaching candidates?
Second to last, the Bills. This was the game that the Bills have been building towards for the last five years. This was their time to stand up to their big brother and finally beat him in a fight. And the Bills got wedgied so hard that they were sent to the ER to have their taints stitched up. The Bills were gifted a treat from God with weather that completely eliminated the Pats’ ability to throw the ball to the point that they didn’t even try and the Bills still couldn’t stop the run. Josh Allen made Josh Allen like mistakes when the pressure ramped up, and in the end, the Bills did what they usually do when facing their older siblings, they lost. So, they got beaten up by their big brother on Monday and now they have to go down to Florida and face Daddy this weekend. Judging by his temper tantrums after the game on Monday, I won’t be surprised if coach McD files a child abuse suit against Brady after next week.
On to the winners
Second place goes to the Fins. After a 1-7 start, the sneaky sea mammals are riding a 5-game winning streak and are looking to make things uncomfortable for the playoff teams in the AFC. Now their competition wasn’t anything extra special, so let’s not go too wild, but the Fins were supposed to suck too, so beating a team that sucks, is a good thing. And beating them soundly shows that maybe you are just a shade above suck yourself. Young Tua is slowly but surely developing into a serviceable NFL QB, he even seems to be progressing at a faster rate than the last shitty to great AFCE QB developed. So, there just might be hope for the Fins yet. One thing we can be assured of is a Dolphin run at the 2022 offseason title. Once again, they are “just a couple of guys away” from being a real contender, so we can rest assured that Ross, Grier and Co. will break the bank on the best available free agents, whether they play in positions of need or not. Cash Rules Everything Around Me.
And in first place in this ranking, the AFC East and the AFC standings is your New England Patriots. The Pats are right back where they belong, awaiting their first-round bye in the playoffs. The Pats entered the biggest AFCE game to be played in probably ten years riding high. Then the weather picked up and half their gameplan was immediately thrown out the window. Now big deal, the Pats ran a Madden offense, only calling about 6 different plays all night. But even though the Bills knew what was coming on every play, it took until late in the 4th quarter for them to finally catch on. And it was too late. The Pats win again, running Belichick’s record against the hapless Bills to 36-7 lifetime. The Pats are in the driver’s seat in the AFC, let’s see what they do to the Bills when they actually incorporate the forward pass into their gameplan.

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