Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 16

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 16
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2021 AFCE Week 16 Overreactions

Ahh yes, it was AFC East Championship weekend and one team showed up, while the other team didn’t. And the other two teams played as well, so let’s waste no time.
Last place goes to the only loser of the week, the Pats. And what a bunch of losers they are. The defense has gone full “Boogie Men” and reverted to a bunch of suck when faced with a competent offense. Mac Jones has reverted to the child we all expected when the season started and now the team that was sitting atop the entire AFC just two short weeks ago, I fighting for their playoff lives and has a real chance to go home early. It’s sad really, even I had kind of bought in on the Pats’ return to dominance. But alas, Bill Belichick is back to his arrogant ways, refusing to make adjustments even if his shitty defense is continually getting shredded and not forcing one single punt all day. Oh, and let’s not forget about JC Jackson, who entered the week talking about naming Islands after himself, dropping two easy interceptions that led to 14 points being scored by the Bills. All in all, this team showed everyone that they are not what we thought, they are in fact just an average NFL team that will be sent home after one road playoff game, if they make it at all.
On to the winners.
The Jets won a game. Some might want me to put this down as a loss for the Jets, but I put their loss as a loss last week, so I’m gonna stay consistent and give them a win here. Little Zach Morris outdueled his rookie counterpart in Trevor Lawrence to score a hard fought win. Which is nice, yes, it screws their draft position, but really the Jets don’t need a QB, so just staying in the top 10 should suffice (especially since they also have Seattle’s top 10 pick in the upcoming draft). The Jets are playing out the string and no one really cares about them, so let’s move on.
Second place goes to the Bills this week. Mainly because they didn’t look all that great in beating the shitty Pats. I hear a lot of Bills fans asking, “How are you supposed to stop Josh Allen?!?!?” I don’t know, maybe catch balls the throws to the defense? Allen was the best player on the field Sunday, but that really isn’t saying much. What was impressive is the fact that Josh was actually capable of just taking what the defense gave him. (I guess I shouldn’t say “impressive”, since they gave him basically everything he wanted) Constantly checking down, earning a whopping 6.7 ypa for the game. But it was successful, because Harrison Bryant sucks terribly and Isiah McKenzie had the game of his life. The Bills now sit atop the AFC East and have a cupcake schedule remaining, so taking their 2nd straight division title should be guaranteed now.
And in first place, the Miami Dolphins. The Phins have cobbled together 7 straight wins and are currently sitting in the final playoff spot in the AFC. Making the lowly AFC East the only division in the AFC currently boasting three playoff teams. The Dolphins dismantled the covid and injury ravaged Saints on their way to this 7th straight win and have a real chance to win out and knock the Pats out of the playoffs entirely. Which should make a lot of people around here happy. I guess the only real thing to talk about here is the fact that Tua is learning how to be an NFL QB and has become vert effective in managing games and that Jaylon Waddle is really good and is making a strong case to surpass his former Alabama teammate for the rookie of the year award. Let’s see if the Fins can keep it up this week and make the final game of the season against the Pats for all the marbles.
Editor’s Note: Vinny putting the Dolphins, who beat something called Ian Book, ahead of the Bills beating the Patriots in Foxborough is peak Vinny.

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