Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 18

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 18
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The First Ever Week 18 Overreactions

Well, the season is over. The regular season at least. We do have a couple of teams going to the playoffs, so at least there’s that.
Let’s go.
Last place goes toe the Pats. Man, this team sucks. Just a few short weeks ago, the Pats were sitting in the #1 seed and were the toast of the AFC. Then they had their bye and basically never won again. The defense is as terrible as it was in week 1, they are still yet to make a big stop when they absolutely need it. Their “leaders” are soft, both mentally and physically. The strength of the defense is supposed to be the secondary, but those guys suck too. Even if the opposing QB throws the ball right to them, they fail to catch it and then will no doubt give up a big gain on the very next play. Now the offense. Well, that was fun. Mac Jones is average. Yes, he’s an “NFL QB”, but is he a good one? I’m not so sure about that. Since the bye, Mac has played 4 games, he’s thrown 5 picks and lost a fumble. Those are Josh Allen turnover numbers, and you can’t win with them. The Pats are in the playoffs, but not for long. Yes, they could win the game, if they don’t make any mistakes and capitalize on the ones mad by their opponents. But remember, this is the team that has had 3 punts blocked this season, twice been penalized on opponents’ kicks, leading to free points, and has generally been playing sloppy football since week 1. So, if you have any standards as a football fan you will demand at least one playoff victory to consider a season a success. So, this one is looking like a failure.
Second to last goes to the Jets. Really just because they lost. They Jets hung around with the Bills for a minute, but they are just not a good team. You know, maybe next year and such. The Jets do have two top 10 picks in the draft and some cash to burn. So we can expect a lot of offseason hype from their fan and maybe even preseason expectations of sniffing .500. I don’t know what else to say about the Jets. At least we can forget them until at least April.
On to the winners.
The Dolphins come in second. But it’s hard to consider them winners after firing the best coach they’ve seen since Tony Sparano on black Monday. So I guess we can say yes, they won the game, but also yes, they are still losers. It’s truly mystifying how Ross, by all accounts a very smart business man, could side with the GM that wanted Tua over Herbert instead of the head coach that actually got players to compete and had a winning record. Looks like the circus is moving to South Florida. But it’s nice to see Fin fans getting over the shock of firing Flores and starting to get in line with the team’s narratives. Turns out Flo was forging PED test documents and sneaking into the nap room to administer covid vaccines without players’ consent.
And first place goes the Bills. They won the division and are going to host the Pats in the playoffs. It should be an easy win, then they get to go on the road and face a real opponent. We talked about expectations with the Pats, so we’re gonna have to do it here with the Bills too. Nothing less than a Super Bowl appearance should be the expectation for the Bills. But I have always said that if you make the final four, your season is a success, so they had better get back to the AFCCG. I know Allen needs more talent around him for the Bills to actually compete for a championship, or maybe a dome, but if he’s as elite as we’re being sold, he has to put the team on his back and win a close game. Oh yeah, the Bills beat the Jets, woo.

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