Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 3

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 3
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2021 Week 3 AFCE Overreactions

Well another week of the NFL season has come and gone. And we are starting to settle into the patter
that was expected by most for our teams. So, without further ado, let’s get it.
Last place goes to, you guessed it, the Jets. The Jets are just terrible. Young Zack Wilson is having his
body and confidence crushed by the sheer incompetence of the organization. It’s kind of sad to see,
because the kid looks like he actually has some talent, but the complete and utter lack of coaching and
development has this looking like just another in the long line of QBs the Jets have destroyed. Oh well,
the good news for him is that in three or four short years he might be traded to a team with some
semblance of a clue and get the chance to turn his life around. Otherwise the Jets are not even worth
talking about. They’ll suck this year, get a top pick, draft a player they don’t need and continue to
repeat the cycle.
Second to last goes to the Pats. Boy oh boy does this team suck, huh? The Pats went out and spent a
record amount of money in free agency this offseason, and all that money has resulted in just about
nothing. Outside of Matthew Judon, the Pats FA acquisitions have been largely invisible, unless of
course you include the visions of them dropping passes, jumping offsides or getting run over. Once
again, Bill Belichick’s roster maneuvers have been disastrous. Look at it this way, the Pats have a rookie
QB who threw 3 interceptions last week and he’s probably not even in the list of top 5 things this team
needs to worry about. God what a disgrace, it seems that those of us that placed our faith inn Bill the
coach being able to fix the mistakes of Bill the GM are in for a rude awakening. It appears that the game
has passed old Bill by, or it was Tom all along. Either way, it’s looking like time to start looking for a new
head coach in Foxboro.
And third to last goes to the Dolphins. Poor Miami, you did everything you could to tank and get the QB
you targeted in the draft for years. Then it turns out he kind of sucks and is made of fine China. The Fins
also got the fortunate draw of facing their personal punching bag, the Raiders during their week of
turmoil. Luckily for coach Flores, he has a competent (if not capable) backup in Jacoby Brissett, but
unfortunately for him, competent is not enough and not even the Raiders spotting them a 14 point lead
was enough for this team to eek out a win. It’s getting close to time to start making calls to the league
office and see what they’re response will be to the inevitable Watson trade. The Fins are a well coached
team with a decent amount of talent, they just need the most important position in all of sports and
they are easily a playoff team. But without a QB, they are the same old Dolphins.
And on to the only winner of the week.
Your first place Buffalo Bills. The Bills seem to have righted the ship after their disastrous week 1 loss to
that pathetic Steeler team. Josh Allen did something we haven’t seen in a while, finished a game
without turning the ball over. So that’s a real positive for the team. The Bills now sit with the easiest
remaining schedule in the entire NFL, so they should be able to post a very good record and have a good
seed heading into the playoffs. They certainly won’t be challenged by any of the incompetent teams in
the division and the Chiefs are suffering a Super Bowl loser hangover, so really anything less than the #1
seed should be considered a disappointment by Bills fans. (But come on, we all know that even if this
team has issues the playoffs, Bills fans will think that they had the greatest season ever and anyone who
thinks the Bills aren’t Super Bowl favorites for the next decade is simply a hater).
Author’s Note: “Racing Reid Monte” took home the Red Plate season points title for the Little T
Speedway and then went to race in the Regionals and took 3 rd in Blue Plate. Not bad for a 7 year old
driving against teenagers.

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