Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 4

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 4
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2021 Week 4 Overreactions

Woo Hoo, what a week!!! The most anticipated regular season game in NFL history went down and it included one of our little teams. All in all we ended up with an even 2-2, so let’s go take a look at it.
In last place, the Miami Dolphins. Boy, oh boy does this team suck. They opened up the season looking like a team to be reckoned with, then they took the field and showed that they are a gift fumble away from being 0-4. I mean my god man. The Fins welcomed the struggling Colts, led by Carson Wentz and his two bum ankles. And were made to look like fools. It’s nice that Xavien Howard got his money, because now he can just sit back and count his money, like so many other high priced Dolphins. I wonder if he got a good deal on Suh’s old money bin, or if he had to build a new one from scratch. Oh well, the Fins are now locked in a nip and tuck battle for another top 5 pick, so maybe they won’t have to trade for Watson after all.
And in second to last, the Pats. The return of Tom Brady had the entire sports world a twitter. NBC staged most of their news programming right from Gillette Stadium in the days leading up to the game that was being marketed like it was the Super Bowl. The game delivered in every way, with a close contest that went right down to the wire. Enter the Pats’ coaches. Boy, does Bill Belichick and company know how to blow a game or what? Once upon a time, everyone in America had the utmost faith in Bill and his ability to pull a victory out of the grip of defeat. But that was when Tom Brady was carrying his fat ass to those victories. Now that Bill has been left to his own devices, his teams are 5-10 in their last 15 one score games. Just another knock on the so-called “greats coach of all time”. Yet again, the Pats’ defense wasn’t ready during some of the biggest situations in the game and Bill made a game losing decision at the very end. You could tell that Bill was coaching to not let Tom destroy him, not to win the game. And that’s why the team lost.
And on to the winners.
In second place, the Bills. Yes, I know they won 40-0. But their opponent was basically a high school team and anything less that a 40-0 win could probably be considered a failure. The great news for the Bills and their fans in this game was that the defense is starting to really come together. Yes, they were playing against a team that probably should start asking for fees to show up and get their asses kicked like a DII school would on Saturdays, but they looked fast and nasty. Even Stephon Diggs showed up, which has been very rare since this author drafted him to anchor his fantasy team and Dawson Knox has basically doubled his career production in the last two weeks. If the QB would stop turning the ball over, this team might be legitimate contenders to lose to Tom Brady in the Super Bowl come February. But, it looks like the turnovers are going to be a part of Josh’s game forever, so we’ll see…Big game for the Bills this week, they once again travel to face the class of the AFC. Let’s see if they are up to the task.
Wait, does that mean the Jets are in 1 st ? Yes, yes it does. The Jets got their first win of the season in overtime. Some will ask how that could possibly be better than a 40-0 whipping? Because the Jets played NFL competition. I know the Titans were without their top two WRs, but they still have a defense and young Zack Wilson showed flashes of why he was drafted all the way up at #2 overall. Making some special off balance throws, deep down field that hit receivers right where they needed to be. I think the Jet’s celebration after securing the win was a bit much, how many other teams dump the Gatorade on the coach in week 4? But this could be the last time they get this chance all year, so what the heck, have fun New Jersey.

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