Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 5

Vinny’s Weekly Overreactions: Week 5
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2021 AFCE Week 5 Overreactions

Wow. What a week. The AFC East went international and one of our teams cemented themselves as the class of the division. (While the other two just stayed mired in mediocrity) Let’s do it.
Well, for one short week the Jets found their way out of last place. But it was short lived, mostly because the Jets are terrible. The sad part is that it really comes down to the new QB and the terrible new head coach that the team hired. So yeah, basically more of the same from the Jets. If only the league would change the rules and completely eliminate the first half of games, then maybe (just maybe) the Jets might stand a chance of seeing any success this season. But I don’t see that happening, so it’s another lost season for Jets fans, but they should be used to that. Let’s get out those scouting guides and see who the top QBs of the 2025 draft class will be, because the Jets are sure to be selecting one.
And in second to last place, the Fins. The Dolphins’ season has really gone to shit. They were riding high after their week one “victory” handed to them by Damien Harris, but it has been a struggle ever since. The Fins now sit at 1-4, tied with the Jets for last place in the divisi0on and there’s really no hope on the horizon. Unless of course you think that brining back your 5’3”, left-handed QB with a weak arm is hope. If you do, I envy you, you seem to be able to find some good in everyone. I bet you can even say that Mitch McConnel has good days here and there…I can’t. The Fins need to clean house in the front office, again. Grier, who fans were so happy to have just a few short years ago when he was fleecing the Texans, seems to be another incompetent hired by Stephen Ross. It turns out taking advantage of guys trained by Bill Belichick in trades is not so difficult. Seeing as the teacher is a complete moron as well. If
they don’t make a move for Watson, the only one that the Fins should keep is Flores, this includes the players. Get rid of all of them too.
On to the winners…
I use that term loosely when talking about the 3rd to last place Pats. This team kind of stinks. Matthew Judon is a beast who seems to be destroying everything in his path. But the rest of the team just sucks. The entire defense (Outside of Judon) is the suckiest group of sucks that ever sucked. The coach proved once again that he’s past his prime and doesn’t have what it takes to run an NFL team anymore as well. And if he thinks that his stupid son, with his stupid face is going to take over, then he’s got another thing coming. I really think it’s time for Kraft to start calling other teams to gauge the trade value of his coach. The value is likely still there, but every week that goes by and Bill is outcoached by morons, that value will get less and less. I really think that they missed a window with the Raiders. But that will open again this offseason. Oh, the offense. Yeah, the running backs are terrible and everyone else is average. At least it will be cool to scout top 10 draft prospects again this year.
And in first place, the Bills. And it’s not even close. As is the way of the AFC East, we can only have one good team at a time. This is the Bills’ time. They tossed the monkey that is the Chiefs off their backs on Sunday night and proved that they should be considered the favorites for the Super Bowl out of the AFC this year. Anything less is a failure. (more of a failure than usual for Bills fans) I mean, then they will just get the opportunity to lose to Tom Brady one last time, but they are used to that so it will feel a little bit like we’re getting back to normal after this pandemic. Josh Allen looks very good, far better than I ever thought he’d ever be capable of. But he still does stupid things when the pressure ratchets up, so rest assured, he’ll blow a big game and cost Bills fans some sort of glory. Bank it.

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