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Full Disclosure: Whether intentional or not some readers may consider this article to contain satire, sarcasm, confusion, or other things , including but not limited to outright falsifications. The writer neither acknowledges, understands, or is aware of these, and therefore has no opinion on any of these things.


Because you’re going to look at the AFCE best running back poll until you do.
It takes time to set up these polls and if the site members are not going to vote correctly there is no sense doing them. Here is the information you need to vote for Lamar as the best. This poll is staying up until Lamar is the winner so either start voting correctly or it’s the last poll you get.
Lamar Miller played 3 years of college football for the University of Miami. He was redshirted for the 2009 season. In 2010 his freshman year he gained 606 yards on 108 attempts for a 6.0 average. In 2011 his sophomore year he carried 227 times for 1,227 yards and a 5.6 yard average. Lamar entered the NFL draft in 2012 and was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the 4th round with the 97th overall pick.
In 2012 Lamar played behind Reggie Bush but still carried 51 times for 250 yards and a 5.9 yard average. With Reggie Bush leaving Miami for the 2013 season Lamar is expected to add the 227 carries Bush had to his 51 carries of 2012 and rush 278 times at his 5.9 yard average for 1,640 rushing yards.
The plan is to also have Lamar more active in the passing game expecting 50 receptions out of the backfield for and addition 400 yards. This is no reason to expect less than 2,000 yards from scrimmage in 2013 making Lamar the premier running back in the AFCE. If Lamar is able to maintain his 10+ plus YPC shown against the stout Cowboy defense in the Hall of Fame game, his yards from scrimmage projection jumps to 3,180 yards. Clearly the best running back the AFCE has seen in recorded history.

NOW …. You have the facts and can see that Lamar Miller should be leading the AFCE LASTEST POLL (Who is the best running back in the AFC East?) instead of the insulting 2% of the vote he has received. Get the vote up to at least 1250 pro Lamar or it becomes permanent.


By Spot the Loney

Out of respect for the author, a new poll has been established so go ahead and vote now as it will only be live for the duration of this post and no re-clicks will be allowed. – AFCeNews

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