Way Too Early: Bills Edition

Way Too Early: Bills Edition
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Week 1 – Rams 24, Bills 21

I could see this game going a lot of ways, including a Bills loss and an absolute blow-out Bills win led by uber pissed off Josh Allen after watching the Rams hoist the banner that should have been his. But these are two well rounded teams with good defenses and good QBs and I expect a pretty tight game.

Week 2 – Bills 37, Titans 17

I have little respect for the Titans. Tannehill remains mediocre and now he has no one of consequence to throw to. Henry is always a threat, but I just don’t see the Titans coming in to Buffalo and doing much of anything.

Week 3 – Bills 31, Dolphins 21

Tyreek Hill can’t fix Tua’s noodle arm. However, Tua does have at least one good weapon in his arsenal and that is above average accuracy and ball placement. If you combine that with the speed of Hill and Waddle and design an offense around quick slants and YAC, it could be very dangerous indeed. But until proven otherwise, I just don’t see the Dolphins hanging with the Bills.

Week 4 – Bills 27, Ravens 24

I will enjoy Ravens fans being even more salty about Josh Allen being a better QB than Lamar Jackson after this game.

Week 5 – Bills 31, Steelers 13

The Steelers will not be very good this year. But still better than 3/4 of the AFC East teams. Their defense will still be a strength, but I expect the improved interior OL of the Bills will help out there.

Week 6 – Bills 34, Chiefs 27

Revenge game! The Bills score with 13 seconds left and actually remember how to play defense.

Week 8 – Packers 33, Bills 27

Another game I think could go either way, but Rodgers pulling off another hail mary as time expires seems appropriate here.

Week 9 – Bills 52, Jets 27

Sorry Iyce, but I think the Bills hang 50 on someone at least once this year and the Jets are a prime candidate.

Week 10 – Bills 37, Vikings 24

Another game where I will enjoy how salty the opposing fans get. Vikings fans absolutely hate how good Diggs is with Allen.

Week 11 – Bills 31, Browns 21

I don’t care who they have playing QB, honestly. If Chubb goes off, then maybe it’s a different game, but I don’t think the Browns have the horses on either side of the ball to keep up.

Week 12 – Bills 59, Lions 17

My other prime candidate for a 50 bomb. Jesus, the Lions are gonna be bad again this year.

Week 13 – Bills 31, Patriots 20

A return to the site of The Perfect Game. Maybe the Patriots will force a punt this time.

Week 14 – Bills 37, Jets 23

Another division game, another double digit win. The Jets might have found some kind of offense by this stage of the season, but I expect the Bills defense, barring injury, to be even better than last year.

Week 15 – Bills 34, Dolphins 17

Welcome to Buffalo in December. Bring your sweater, it might get chilly.

Week 16 – Bills 37, Bears 13

The Bears are also gonna be terrible this year. Fields is just another entry in the long list of over-drafted OSU QBs, and he has no one to throw to.

Week 17 – Bills 37, Bengals 23

Man, the Bengals benefitted from some obscene luck last year. They’re a good team, but Burrow is good, not great. His weapons are pretty damn good and I expect them to be in a dog fight with the Ravens to win the division this year. Week 17, though, the Bills should be putting the finishing touches on their 1 seed and I expect we’ll see Josh Allen in playoff form.

Week 18 – Patriots 23, Bills 13

The Case Keenum Show after the Bills locked up the 1 seed and give Josh and the rest of the real starters a nice little break.
So, 14-3, 1 seed, cruising to the Super Bowl. I could easily see us losing to the Ravens, Bengals, and Chiefs, but the Bills will be favored pretty much every week this year, unless something goes horribly wrong, and they are super bowl favorites for a reason. I also expect us to lose one horribly embarrassing game, but I couldn’t begin to tell you which one.

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