Week 15 AFC Playoff Mess

Luciano 11

Week 15 AFC Playoff Mess
Luciano 11
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All teams have played 14, 2 to go. There are some decided situations, but a few that could change the map of the AFC as it has been for a while. Lets look at it:


AFC East


  1. The Patriots have clinched the division. With two games to go (@Jets and @Dolphins), their only concern is to maintain that #1 seed, which would assure them home field all the way until the SB.
  2. The Jets at 9-5 host the Patriots and @Buffalo in last two. They do not own their own destiny, but some interesting scenarios brewing. To actually see my team at 9 wins with two to go, after the 4 win season of a year ago, is amazing in itself.
  3. The rest are wondering to them selves WTF happened?


AFC South


  1. Houston Texans finally won a game in Indianapolis, giving them sole possession of first place at a whopping 7-7. They play @Titans and @Jags, nothing is for sure here.
  2. Indianapolis can only get in by winning the division, at 6-8 and games @Miami and home to Titans, anything is possible.
  3. The rest, both Titans and Jags are very young teams on the rise


AFC North


  1. At 11-3, the Bengals are one win away from clinching first place, however with the #2 overall, their attention has to remain that top spot. Next two games are @Denver and home to Ravens.
  2. The Steelers at 9-5 control their destiny for the WC #6 spot. Ben and company have been on fire, and they will be a tough team to play for any of the AFC teams. @Ravens and @Browns close out the season.
  3. The rest, among the worst in the NFL


AFC West


  1. A few weeks ago the Broncos were among the league undefeated teams, they now sit at 10-4, barely hanging on to their first place spot. They host the Bengals and the Chargers, and hope to win both games, or else…..
  2. The Chiefs, the once 1-5 Chiefs, are now 9-5 and on a roll. Kansas City will play two home games against the Browns and the Raiders.
  3. The rest, only the Raiders look like a team on the rise. The Chargers are a bad football team.




Four divisional winners: Patriots, Bengals are in for sure, the other two are not. Indy and Titans will battle until the end, 8-8 will take the division, the loser is out. It gets very interesting in the West. The Broncos lose one game and KC wins both, Chiefs wins the division, the other team will be in a fight for the WC.


Wild Card 

Four teams with one winning the division, three left, one out. KC holds all the tie breakers, Steelers are second, leaving the Jets out, even if they win out. The new entry is the Denver Broncos. If Denver loses one game, the rest win out, Denver is out.


Deciding games left

Patriots@Jets  both need to win, Jets have to stay alive and Pats to retain the #1 seed

All Four games in the AFCS matter for the division winner only

Steelers@Ravens Steelers should easily win, however the Ravens already beat them once

Bengals@Broncos This is the Broncos playoff stand, Bengals must win to retain one of top seeds

Raiders@Chiefs should be an easy one, but divisional game and Raiders have shown they can win a big game

Jets@Bills only if Jets beat the Patriots


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