Week 15 QB Report

Week 15 QB Report
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AFC East QB Grades

In a truly mediocre week of AFC East quarterbacking all around, I guess I need to figure out who “won” the week.
Josh Allen: Going from Josh being super human last week to a mere mortal this week, we were fortunate that the Panthers are offensively inept on pretty much every level. The good news is that Josh didn’t have to be the leading rusher for the Bills and he tossed three TDs, including an absolute beauty to Gabe Davis in the back of the end zone.


Mac Jones: Mac Jones got put in a hole early and singularly failed to dig the team out. Unfortunately for him, Jonathan Taylor should be MVP and the Colts OL is just monstrous. But, on the plus side, he got some garbage time TDs to puff up his otherwise pedestrian stats and to make up for some INTs.


Tua Tagavailoa: I mean, I guess they won and they are, remarkably, 7-7 after starting 1-7. But they didn’t win because of Tua and they almost lost because of Tua. To the Jets. That should be enough to justify a poor grade, but really, those INTs were bad. In a loss, this grade would be much worse.


Zach Wilson: Two games in a row without a pick! Sure, they were both losses, but you gotta start somewhere. The Jets actually ran the ball more times than they threw it, which says something about what they think of their young QB. Although they at least let him throw it more than three times…


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