Week 2 AFCE Predictions

Week 2 AFCE Predictions
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Some strange happenings in this division since last Sunday. I mean we all knew the Dolphins would tank, just not in an epic way. I guess the amount of talent that has been removed clearly shows on the field. The Bills beat the Jets at MetLife simply because they wanted that game more, period. I said it in my article last week, that Bills D is really good, and when it’s all said and done, they will be a top 5, maybe even 3. The Jets blew a comfortable lead, and Jets D also played well, but the O stunk big time! The Patriots, only game I got right, yea I actually did pick the Ravens to lose. Steelers were no match for this team, and somehow, even with all the drama that comes with it, they got better! Antonio brings a ton of dram, but his talent is what it is. Having Tom throwing to him will be fun to watch.

Week to date Record……..1-2


Week 2 Games



Bills back to MetLife! This time facing the other disaster in the area.

The Giants are a mess at QB as they still continue to start that turn over machine called Eli. This week he faces one of the best Ds in the NFL and the chants “WE WANT JONES!!!!!” will be there by second half, if not first quarter.  Shepperd is hurting, only talent left are Engram and Barkley. However, the Bills will basically dare Eli to throw it deeper and be in his face all day.

The Bills just have to continue to play smart on Offense and make sure that Josh doesn’t start throwing it away. Run the damn ball, use his athleticism.

Only way Bills lose is if Josh loses this game for them, they win easily……Bills 24-13



I honestly don’t know what to write here.

The Dolphins SUCK! Right all they have going for them is possible bad weather (Patriots would just run them to death) or very hot humid weather (Patriots will just play their third stringers in the second half and still win) …….it’s going to be a long year Down/Under.

The Patriots? I’m mostly interested to see if Antonio plays, and what role will he have.

Sorry CK, great article as always, but this game is close……..Patriots 45-6




Two teams that entered the year with higher expectations than week one results.

The Browns came into this season with all world big mouth at QB, and his mouth was shut really fast by that amazing powerhouse in Tennessee. I think he found more Titans defenders than actual overpriced big mouth weapons. Browns have a good D, but I was never sold on this offense to become possible AFCCG contenders, still not. Baker has a ton of talent, but his own stupidity in a locker room full of prima donnas will prove fatal in the long run. In this game he will have to be smart, because another week like last and the honeymoon is over!

The Jets looked very Gased on offense last week, Darnold didn’t have a whole lot of time to put together good drives, but that was more on Gase’s play calling than OL. The defense looked really good until they did not, and they did not when it mattered most. This week they will need to be very smart on both sides of the ball. As I wrote this I learned that Siemen is the QB, oh boy! On MNF!!!!! I hope Gase realizes that this means he needs to be a smarter play caller and use Bell, Montgomery, and Crowder. It’s time for Anderson to put up or shut up, he has occasional good games, but he is not a #1 WR! DT was traded for that reason and that reason alone, not because Enunwa got injured.

My prediction is simple, I don’t like the Browns on the road, if Bell plays, Jets will win, if not? The still win……….Jets 23-22

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