Week Five Predictions

Luciano 11

Week Five Predictions
Luciano 11
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A quarter of the season has come to an end. Our division is currently sitting at a record of 9-6. At this pace you can expect around 36-7 wins, making this a very good year.
This week the Dolphins and the Jets are on their bye, Bills visit the Marcus Show, and the Patriots return from their early bye week, visiting Jimmy’s Walking Wounded.


Bills @ Titans
Losing at home to the NY Giants last week, this is a crucial game for the Buffalo Bills, if they are to remain within striking distance of the coveted WC and or Patriots. Bills will be without stating RB and his backup, giving some dudes named Boobie and Boomer a chance to shine. Tyrod Taylor will either have no Sammy or he will be damaged goods as he returns from all sorts of nagging injuries. The defense has to step it up and contain young Marcus Mariota. Both Brady and Manning played a quick release game to stop that front 4’s ferocious pass rush. I think Marcus can play that way, but in doing so he will be forced into mistakes. The game plan for Marcus will be to exploit over anxious DL and run a lot more than usual.
Rex Ryan has made a career of destroying first year QBs, as his defense tends to camouflage blitzes from every angle. In this case the worry will be Mariota’s legs. As well know, the kid can move and run if need be. Keeping him within the pocket is imperative.
The Titans do not have a real good defense, even if they are ranked high. Tyrod Taylor should be able to have success with a barrage of short passes. I expect this game to be sloppy and ridden with mistakes on both sides of the ball. The Bills are the better team, and will find a way to keep young Mariota under wraps, however, this contest will be very close, Bills win 20-19


Patriots @ Cowboys
Around 100,000 screaming lunatics from Texas will attend this game, to cheer the ‘Boys back into respectability. The Cowboys are missing so many pieces, its almost not fair to watch them play this remaking of 2007.
The Patriots will score and score, as they always do. Tom will continue to stick his middle finger at the Commissioner as he throws TD after TD. Historically the Pats are very good after a bye week, and I do not see any reasons for this to be any different.
I fully expect a huge game from Edelman and Gronk, as Tom plays yet another quick release game, and in spite of what model citizen Hardy says, he may not get anywhere near him. Defensively this Pats team plays good enough to let the offense score and control the game flow, until it has a big lead, basically weekly.
The Cowboys will be playing catch up ball all afternoon, but will put up points as well. This Patriots defense has allowed the Bills and the Steelers to almost come back on them. I fully expect the Patriots to finish the day at 4-0, but Dallas will put fear in them late in the fourth. Patriots win 33-27


The bye is changing this team all together. Gone are HC Joe Philbin and DC Coyle. The new HC is the TE coach Campbell. As I wrote before, I am not a fan of these kind of moves made in-season, but its done. I think Mr. Campbell will have some success, but can he really turn this around? The players are the same on both sides of the ball. The same ones that have looked pitiful for 4 weeks. If they suddenly play better, then management really screwed up not letting Joe go in February.


I hate early bye weeks, however in this case it came at a great time. The team needed time to adjust their bodies, coming home from the London trip. Many players have been playing banged up, the extra time off will help. Decker, Ivory, Revis, all integral parts of this team, will enjoy the extra week of.


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