Week Five Recap

Luciano 11

Week Five Recap
Luciano 11
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Two more victories this weekend, put our division among the top in the NFL.


Bills @ Titans

I picked the Bills to win by 1, 20-19, both teams simply forgot to kick two field goals.

This was an ugly game, and frankly the Bills are lucky to have come out of it alive. If the Titans were not a young inexperienced offense (but say the Bengals), the first half would have ended in a blow out.

The Bills offensively were pathetic for the entire first half. Tyrod couldn’t hit an open receiver 5 yards away, yet they hung around. In the second half the Bills QB decided to say the hell with my sub-par teammates, I will win this game by myself. It was like watching a PeeWee team that has one good athlete, and the HC uses him on every play. The defense decided to start contributing and they stopped young Mariota regularly.

This is ugly football, which can also be effective, however luck was on their side this week. Roman was labeled a genius by some at SR; Roman’s play calling is pedestrian at best,  and this crap with “Yes Sir” is reminiscent of Sanchez wearing colored coded arm band; Rex must thing his players are totally illiterate idiots.

I don’t want to sound so harsh, but let’s face it, a win is good for the standings, and nobody will care how one of the Ws got there. However, if you are a devoted fanatic of this team, you have to be concerned, they have not looked good since demolishing the Dolphins.

Next up, or should I say down, since it’s the down week, home to host the 5-0 Bengals.


Patriots @ Cowboys

I had this game at 33-27 Cowboys, I mean I really thought the Boys would have some life.

The Patriots are on a roll, and its scary. Offensively this is as smooth and deadly as it was back in 2007, when they went 16-0. At one point announcers even forgot that Gronk was playing, as he was not really in the game plan……yet? They were killing the home team with the likes of newly acquired Keshawn Martin, Amendola and Edelman.

Tom Brady is playing as good as ever, and his arm speed seems to be better than ever. Now he learned a new trick, he can run for TDs. It will very hard for defenses to keep him under control, especially with the emergence of Dion Lewis, and the return of Blount.

Defensively they can be had, but unless you can slow Tom down, all you would accomplish is a shootout, and “Old Man” Tom has made a career out of those.

Next up, a trip to that powerhouse called the Colts.


Dolphins will travel to Nashville next week as they try to fix their season.

The Jets will host the spunky Washington Redskins.


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