Week Four Predictions

Luciano 11

Week Four Predictions
Luciano 11
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Jets @ Dolphins

Hello London! I will be having breakfast and trying to wake up as 8:30 am CT rolls around. These games are stupid, and reading that the NFL is thinking of expanding into having games in Germany and/or Mexico, makes me sick.

Both these teams lost at home last weekend, but in totally different fashion. The Dolphins are a total mess, not having excelled in any one area. The Defense is a disaster, and unless they can perform miracles, this will be a long season. The DL was argued to be among the best in the division, it’s the worst. I have stated all along that the LBs are not good enough, still say so. The secondary is one man deep, the rest gives up plays to anyone and everyone. Offensively, the Lazor experiment has failed miserably. LazorSharp was a one year QB coach that was elevated to OC, so he could run an offense with the wrong personnel. The team gutted that personnel, and replaced it with one that is worst. Ryan Tannehill’s attempts have gone up each week, and that is obviously a recipe for disaster; Lazor, for the second straight year has made this a one dimensional attack, the easiest to defend. If they do not believe in Lamar Miller, why the hell have they not found another RB? Sorry Dolphins fans, but Tannehill will not win by throwing 40+ per game, especially with that OL, and the play selection.

The Jets played on a short week with the arrogance that they could destroy the Eagles, so why bother? That was for the entire first half, by the time they realized that they were down 24-0, it was too late. If they have to pass a lot, and not balance in the run, they will not win many games. They too are not built like the Pats, to be able to pass at will and win the game. Clearly Fitz misses Decker, who more than likely will not play this week either. Ivory seems ready to go, and I expect the Jets will run a lot against that pores run defense.

These two teams are not evenly matched at all, and one is better coached than the other on both sides of the ball. The Jets have allowed only two sacks all season, Miami has one total. The Jets can apply pressure, especially on a QB that has no run support. Tannehill is ranked #30 when the defense blitzes, and the Jets do blitz. Jets win 27-13


Giants @ Bills

Bills host the Giants after an emotional beatdown in Miami, one wonders if the game 1 effect repeats itself. After this game, we will know if Rex has learned a lesson, and not disregard your opponent, after a big win.

The Giants suck, let me make sure I get that out of the way first. Eli is the most overrated QB in  the league; they cannot run because Jennings sucks and is done. Victor Cruz’s career may be over, and he will not play. It comes down to an up and down WR2 playing along ODB. The OL is a total joke, as is the DL. The rest of the defense is just not NFL caliber, not any more.

The Bills have to hope that Karlos is the real deal, because they must be able to run the ball, and keep Tyrod’s attempts down. Sammy-The-Hammy Watkins is also not playing, can Percy be the good Percy? Defensively the Bills will apply a lot of pressure, but as Rex style defenses go, they will also give up a lot of points.

For the second straight week, the Bills play a team that cannot run, cannot apply QB pressure and cannot block. Only shot the Giants have is to hope that the Bills have a total letdown a la week 2, or, they have to contain Tyrod and turn him into a pocket passer. I don’t see it, Giants will play catchup and score plenty, but not enough, Bills win 33-27



I’m sure the bye couldn’t have come at a worst time. Everything has been clicking as if they have played 8-9 games already. It will be interesting to see if that high scoring machine returns at the same level for week 5


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