Week Two Predictions

Luciano 11

Week Two Predictions
Luciano 11
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Dolphins @ Jaguars

The Dolphins remain on the road, and travel north to Jacksonville. Last week was not a good indicator of how good, or how well this team can play. At Washington there was good news and bad news. The unveiling of Suh was not as expected, and the defense allowed too many yards on the ground.

This week’s opponent, the Jaguars lost the home opener to the Panthers, and not much went right. Bortles continued to throw to the other team, and overall, the Jaguars simply have no weapons. I expect the Dolphins to rebound with a good defensive performance, and Tannehill to have a decent game. The biggest improvement should be the Miami ground game, where Lamar Miller looks to actually join the season in progress. Dolphins win 27-13

Patriots @ Bills

Rex Ryan is right where he likes to be; the world watching; all eyes on him and not his players (he does this to take pressure off), with  chance to stick it to Belichick and Tom Brady. Week one the Bills played a great game and won, much like a year ago on the road to Chicago. Tyron Taylor was used with an eye dropper, but he was effective for sure., and most of all, he didn’t Sanchize/Genotize and turn it over. Rex coached the D to perfection, as they rattled Andrew Luck all game long. The only negative for the Bills was a disappearance act by Watkins. I do think he drew a lot of attention, and that opened things up for Percy Harvin, but Sammy has to do better, especially on a team with limited passing opportunities.

The Patriots opened the season at home and handled the Steelers with ease. Tom to Gronk was epic, and the Patriots defense bended but never broke all night long.

This week it’s a different story for both teams. The Bills will try to run and run and run, although that will fail, and eventually realize that the way to beat the Pats is through the air. If Tyrod can find Watkins, and McCoy on short routes, then it will be a success. The Patriots will try to pass, and control the clock with short tosses, but to beat the Bills they will need to run well. Rex will blitz a lot, but he must be careful with Brady, he is not Luck. In the end, this will be a back and forth game, but the defense will prevail, and that defense belongs to the Bills. Bills pull it off 23-22


Jets @ Colts

The Jets played that powerhouse called the Browns, and won big. Actually some good things came out of game one. The offense played very well, against a very good defense. The Fitz-Marshall Plan worked well after a sluggish start. Decker was open often thanks to Marshall. But the game plan was a big dosage of Ivory, and the Browns were not able to stop it.

The Colts were outplayed, out-coached and beaten badly by the Bills. In fact watching the game again, I realized that the score doesn’t tell you the truth, the Colts were bad. To make matters worst, as I am writing this on Wednesday, TY Hilton still has a swollen knee, and Pagano has a swollen ego (as talk of his dismissal intensify).

When I saw this game on the schedule before the season, I automatically circled a Jets loss, but now? Not so fast! The Jets learned something from the Bills, blitzing Luck makes him a duck, and nobody likes to blitz more than Todd Bowles. You would think that a good QB like Luck will handle the blitz just fine, however, the Jets, unlike last season, have an excellent defensive backfield. Luck has faced the Jets once, and in a losing effort he threw two INTs. He also faced Todd Bowles defense against Arizona; the defense held him to 163 yards, 1 TD, 1INT. The Jets will run at will, because this Colts D is bad. The Colts will cough it up 2-3 times and the Jets pull the upset 27-23


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