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First and foremost, this is not an article designed to dictate my opinion, but one that hopes a good discussion is had by all.
Week 3 gave us numbers that stats fanatics like much better, but it really isn’t what we have come to accept in this modern “PassBall” game. NFL has gone to great lengths to ensure high scoring, because we all know that most Americans love lots of points!……So what has happened?
– Quarterbacks
So many rules have been put in place to protect the games’ most valued assets, thus making sure that on Sundays, we get lots of passing, and score at will. The quality of quarterbacks has dropped immensely, and it bears to ask why?
In my opinion it goes back to teams like CK is coaching right now, then HS and college. There is no question that high schools and colleges are on the same page. HS QBs are asked to scramble, run options galore, and occasionally shock the opponent by throwing deep. Colleges have only taken that to the next level, athletic option QBs is what they seek. The problem as I see it, is when they get to the highest level, few of these guys can run a pro-style offense……a pure pocket passer is becoming a rarity, yet the NFL and HCs rather not change their philosophies.
Quarterbacks are drafted high and asked to learn to run a huddle, call a play and then take a snap and drop back. So many come from schools that don’t know what the word huddle means, or for that matter, sit back in the pocket. This disconnect, between college and NFL is creating a very dysfunctional game.
– Offensive and Defensive Lines
Recently, to have a good OL has become rare and hard to do, why? In my opinion, from way back to Peewee, the better and more athletic “Fatties” are placed on the defensive line, and those that are not good enough, they play OL. This disparity is becoming more evident every year.
Defensive line players are faster, stronger and more aggressive then their offensive counterparts. The day will come that a real good offensive lineman will be worth a lot more money than they are paid right now, simply because they are becoming a rare breed.
– The Money factor
This can be associated with the previous one, but lets be honest. Unless you play WR or QB, where is the money? TEs are larger WRs that get a lot less. OL get nowhere near what a DL gets. LBs are paid more then RBs…..and a great CB is very close to WR money……..If you are an exceptional athlete that cannot be a top WR, you rather be a CB or Safety. If you can run and are built like a bull, its better to become a LB……and if you are fast, strong and big, why even waste your time on a position like OL, where no stats that matter are really kept?……and stats lead to big money contracts.
I wonder what rules will be invented next? Maybe DL shouldn’t be allowed to use their hands during play.
….Please give me your thoughts

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